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Modern Warfare 2: The Shortest Game You'll Love 0

Modern Warfare 2   Play Experience: At the time this review was written I have played through the full campaign on the "normal" difficulty and the "veteran" (hardest) difficulty playing the PC version of MW2. I have gotten a three star rating on all of the spec ops missions playing with a friend and I have hit level 13 (this is still quite low) in the competitive multiplayer. The Summary: Russia has invaded the United States and... that's about it. A short summary for a very short game as I'm ...

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Aion: The Best Looking Mass Murder Simulator of 2009 1

Aion: Tower of Eternity Play Experience: At the time this review was written I have leveled an Elyos Chanter to 43 (level cap is 50) and seen most of the in game zones. I have played a few hours a day since the head start began on September 20. I have gone “rifting” a few times, experienced PvP in the abyss, and participated in several fortress sieges. This review is based on the state of the game as of 11/03/2009.   It is my intent to update this review once I hit level 50 and have seen the...

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