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Like with so many others, Ryan's passing came as a real shock to me. Through the website and the podcast I feel like I knew the man, even though I never met him. Both him and the podcast crew have gotten me through some pretty tough times and were like a positive constant in my life, knowing that I won't hear him on a weekly basis anymore is rough.

My thoughts go out to Ryan's family and friends, the loss I feel must pale in comparison. Finally, the latest podcast was amazing, really uplifting seeing how laughs are still aplenty given the situation.

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If its a cops and robber gametype wouldn't that be very similar to marked man?

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I'm not entirely sure what my thoughts on abortion are. I recommend a movie called "The Lake of Fire", it's an excellent documentary which shows both sides of the spectrum, and it makes very powerful arguments from both sides as well so in the end you don't know what to think. But I think I lean towards pro-life but exceptions for rape and incest must be made. 

However many Pro-Lifers are also against birth-control which is downright ridiculous. Most of them are also fundamentalist-christians which worries me.
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Oh my god, can't wait for this sequel!

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Well the characters in the game engaged me and I definitely want to see where they are going with the story for the game. strange however that PC players will be unable to see the end of the game...

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I read it during a skiing vacation and I really liked it. Can't wait to get my hands on Ascension!

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I got this game cheap a while after launch but it was not my cup of tea. Horrible Single-Player and Mediocre Multiplayer made me trade this one in.

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Hey I'm Requesting to become a part of the designer team.
GFX Experience: Nearly 3 years.

What programs/applications do you use?: Photoshop CS2/3

How often do you experiment with your chosen application per week?: Not as much as I used to, I only use it say couple of times a month. But sig-requests is always a way to help strenthen your PS experience.

Post 5 of your best peices of work!: (hard to pick...)

I am at my summerhouse right now so I will not be able to be on that often but I will when I get back to my normal place.
If you want to see more of my art click here!

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What I was hoping for was some Alter Bridge or perhaps Pearl Jam. Audioslave is also a welcome addition!