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I've never played any Metal Gear games, but after watching Metal Gear Scanlon, I am super into the story, and got pretty pumped when Ground Zeroes went free with PS+ this month. So, just wondering if I should wait to play GZ until after Metal Gear Scanlon 4 or if the stuff that goes down in GZ is separate enough to enjoy now. Thanks duders!

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@excast: Does your cable TV never go out? Do you never have a cell phone call drop? Does every plate of food you order taste perfect?

I have been a premium member since they first started doing memberships, and they constantly deliver tons of great content. Even when the content is slow to come out, there is always SOMETHING to watch.

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Man, I cannot believe the amount of complaining on this thread. It's a business, guys. They are going to change, evolve, upgrade, downgrade. These things happen, and usually for the best.

This sense of entitlement about "oh great, they are gonna be light on content for a while while they move offices" is pretty nuts.

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With Hotline Miami out on PS3, I wanted to download and finish there what I started on my Vita. But for the life of me I can't find the list of cross-buy games so I can download it. Any help?

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Chicago, IL, USA

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My wife and I met at our old job. Worked out well for me!

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TerraDelu1 on PS4. Come lay waste to my times!

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The $40 price tag is the game with the season pass included.

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Yo dawg, you like Mario? You like gettin super mushrooms and squishing goombas and whatnot?