Best of 2010

Man, this year kicked some serious ass! Way to go video games! 
P.S. Excuse the poor structure here. I just zoned out and typed for a while and this is what came out... and I refuse to edit my shit.

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Posted by HypotheticalSolution76

I had a HUGE impulse to buy RDR for a long time. Never did though. I like westerns, but I wasn't a fan of GTAIV at all. I liked seeing all the old dusty environments and the world that was on the trails, so the draw was consuming at times. In 2010 my favorite of the year was Super Mario Galaxy 2. I traded in God of War III and FFXIII to Gamestop and paid nothing on release day for it. And honestly, I've put that trade as probably my #1 decision for trades. And this comes from a huge God of War fan from like day 1.