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I ran right and died to the goomba for a couple days until I realized there was a jump button.

I was 2. Sue me.

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New Vegas is better, simply for the fact that it's written by the same people who made Fallout 1 and 2.

I'll still never get over the fact that Bethesda clearly has no idea how the passage of time works. 200 years after the apocalypse, DC is STILL foraging in supermarkets. I could see if it was set at the same time as Fallout 1 (75 years after the Great War), but 200 years? The biggest settlement is an irradiated pool around an unexploded bomb? Are you kidding me? Same problem with WInterhold in Skyrim, really... 80 years after the Great Collapse, and nobody's even ATTEMPTED to rebuild. Meanwhile, the Mojave is, while the frontier of NCR civilization, respectable in the grand scheme of things.

I guess it all boils back down to the two themes of the Fallout universe. One, of course, is that "war never changes". Humanity will always be jerks to each other. The other, of course, is that despite all the conflict, humanity will always rebuild. Civilization will return.

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As somebody who bought the D&D Anthology when it was on sale and beat everything worth a damn in that 7 pack (BG1 and 2, and PS:T), I can safely say that a lot of people are going to be surprised by how goddamn HARD that game is. You are EXPECTED to save scum, especially at the start, because 1st level 2E D&D isn't really meant to be played by human beings. You basically have to avoid every encounter until you get a full party, because wolves will doubtlessly 1 shot you. This, plus permadeath mechanics galore, pretty much assure that you aren't going to beat the game without resorting to console commands. I know I didn't - the last encounter in that game, I'm convinced, is entirely impossible without abusing game mechanics.

I mean, all credit to them for holding the line and not "ruining the fun", but the fun is a harsh mistress.

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Chopped the leg off. Tried everything else first, still got it off. I point and click like a motherfucker, what can I say?

Fed the two kids, giving Duck cheese and Clem the apple. Wonder how half an apple didn't rot. Tried to feed Doug, didn't want it, gave Mark the jerky instead. Gave Lilly whatever was left over. I think it was cheese.

Didn't shoot Jolene.

Failed to warn Clem, because the soylent green trap line was too good to pass up. I regret NOTHING.

Tried to save Larry, because:

Let both the brothers live, because:

Left the food, because the light was still on, so whoever was using the car could not have been gone for very long. Also, because:

Never compromise. Never.

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Did you go to the Periphery, like Tycho said?

Because you really, really, really should. Otherwise, you get the joke ending.