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Currently in a mission where mutons are literally teleporting halfway across the map. Like, I'll see them take cover, and then disappear completely. I'll round the corner and they're NOT THERE.

Floaters are clipping through the floor and reappearing where Mutons USED to be.

I'm trapped on an Abductor with a shitty camera angle, and I must shoot.

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If you're ever surrounded by Chryssalids, fire the rocket at your own feet.

You're going to die anyways. Might as well go out burning brighter than the stars.

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I went to Five Guys once.

I still have fries in that bag.

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June 18th, only lost one man.

RIP Lancel Lannister, a surprisingly capable Support. Saved 2 civilians, killed 2 Chryssalids, killed by a Cyberdisc.

And I'm about to die in a tsnumai, fuck.

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Thanks for all the replies guys! I'm pretty much a XCOM noob (despite 2 of my fave games ever being Jagged Alliance 2 and FF Tactics). Seems I should have been launching all this time haha.

I have 4 satellites in storage right now. Do you guys think I should just go cover one whole continent or spread them out? I started in Europe and think I should probably go after one of the continent bonuses? Thanks again!

Get Asia. If the abduction thing is true, it's best to focus regardless of the bonus. But Asia's bonus is 100% the best bonus in the game.

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@believer258: Yeah stick it to Microsoft by using your Windows PC that'll show em. =P

I dunno how big of a problem this really is. I remember in indie game the movie the Super Meat Boy guys were freaking that their game was not on the front end the day it came out even though I believe they were promised so. In the end that game sold extremely well. The iPhone app store is much worse IMO because of the sheer quantity of items. Which is why I pretty much never buy phone games. It does suck they don't help these devs out more I agree, but I think if a game is good enough people will find it.

Mark of the Ninja got glowing reviews and is, by all testimony, among the greatest stealth games of all time.

The game sold like absolute shit on 360, to the point where it didn't even break even.

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Anything can be modded.

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-Sometimes one or more of my soldiers will have the red alien head on screen when I have control of them, despite there being no aliens anywhere in sight.

I've had that happen a couple of times on the PC version, to the same Assault guy no less. I just assumed that he had a paranoid personality. Always seeing aliens even though there aren't any.

This is the result of having a 0% shot on an alien, either because of the alien being outside of your range, or your shot being THAT bad.