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Having a satellite in a country will stop alien abductions there, so basically panic won't go up there unless you ignore an abduction in the same continent. Basically if you get full coverage then panic just stops raising, make sure to get the stealth upgrade from the foundry as well.

Does it? I'm almost positive I had an abduction in South America, even though I covered that place completely.

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It has some major failings. The massive amount of bugs run the gamut from minor to game ending. The lack of base defense is tragic. The upgrade paths are linear, and the game really isn't that hard unless the UI or game decides to fuck you.

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That is literally the BEST place to stop reading the comics too. After 48 you could just roll credits and it'd be golden.

Where does that end, is that after the Governor arc?

The exact issue, yes.

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I don't mean to spam, but Beagle on Youtube is doing an Ironman Impossible run here. His videos are concise and informative - could be a big help to some.

His strategy is actually REALLY helpful. Hunker Down is INSANELY useful when you're out and about. You can't get crit, and gain like 20 defense.

Plus it also exploits the enemy "pathing" so that they can "move" into an area you can see if you aren't hunkering down, but can't if you are. The reason this works is because the aliens don't ACTUALLY move. They just teleport from waypoint to waypoint until you find them or the game deems it time to run them in. Though it should be mentioned this isn't true in Terror missions.

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Yes aside from the initial base funding you only get income from countries that have a satellite over them. More satellites deployed more income.

For other country locations, like was mentioned turn off the tutorial. But the only 2 continents of real worth are Europe and Asia imo. Europe for rushing satellites vie workshops and Asia for cheap and fast officer training upgrades. Asia also has the most countries co it's bonus is the hardest to get otherwise. The tutorial also gives you a significant boost with: 1 free satellite and a guaranteed early special council mission that is basically a freebie in cash/engineers/scientists and panic reduction.

This isn't ENTIRELY true. You DO get a base amount of funding from countries, though it is pretty much negligible compared to the bonus from satellite coverage.

Also of note is that, every month, satellite nations have a chance of taking a -1 panic hit. It's like, 20%, but given the amount of coverage you're going to have (and NEED) by the end of the game, you'll pretty much end up with panic falling no matter what.

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@Arabes: Nice tips. The memories of playing through UFO Defense and Apocalypse are still vivid. I think an X Com endurance run would be an interesting thing. Maybe they'll consider that.

The thing about ER games is that they need to have a good story. I've never played early XCOM but I'm assuming they don't have a huge narrative hook right?

You can sum up X-COM's story in 3 lines.

"Oh fuck, aliens! Cut up their ride and steal their shit! Fuck those guys!"

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He is right about people like this woman only doing this for the free stuff. Would of made a great story.

Au contrair, this IS a great story.

You have fucking BATTLE LINES being drawn. You're either pro-integrity or pro-scumbag, with pro-scumbag having the advantage of being able to call everybody misogynists.

Shit's great.

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He stepped down I believe, which is different, but the whole thing still stinks.

I'm pretty sure Jeff "officially" stepped down once upon a time.

The only "voluntary stepping down" he did was to pick his boxes of shit off the sidewalk.

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Yep. This is a general rule in XCOM that anyone under mind-control/psi-buff dies if the link is broken by the initiator getting killed.

Mind control, no. It's only the case in the "every enemy unit dies" script that gets run when the Ethereal gets smoked. If you kill the mind control any other time, it just severs the tie with no ill effect.

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I voted for The Witcher 2 not realizing it was the 360.

Dark Souls. Take the game, and punch it until it respects you.