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Would make a interesting topic for the next bombcast. Wouldn't mind hearing Jeff's 2 cents on this.

Let me save you some time and trouble.

Fart noises, somebody gets called a scumbag, next topic.

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For a website that was formed because of somebody getting shitcanned over telling the truth, there is a distressing amount of people defending a bought journalist.

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I know I got SMT3: Nocturne from Amazon, during a reprint.

They're honestly probably your best bet.

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I mind controlled the two elites before the final room and had them both dash in and do as much damage as they could before sending everyone in and psi storming my way to an easy victory. I thought the ending was fine, it leaves humanity in a strange place that's for sure. I'd like to see how the world changes after advancing science a few hundred years in the space of a few months.

Is there some way to unlock the psi storm ability on a normal dude or were you using Sid Meier?

The Volunteer learns it after interfacing with the Gollup Machine.

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I encountered my first this evening. The always-on-overwatch bit left my team a little more wounded than I'd like. No deaths though, so that was all okay. In reference to above claim; I threw an alien grenade at it successfully for the standard 5 (I think it's 5?) damage. Sectopod was not immune to that.

edit----- this was on normal difficulty, not sure if that changes anything.

Nah, they're still vulnerable on Classic. The only difference is that their model is much bigger than its actual hitbox, so it's entirely possible to undershoot them and get the impression that they're immune to it... which they're not. Explosives are probably the best way to deal with them. HEAT rockets will take out half their life, if not all of it if it crits.

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I want to know who killed Nanako's mom.

There are things man was not meant to know.

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A wizard did it.

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@MariachiMacabre: woah, i just played through and completely missed that, when was that mentioned?

It was in DLC, which is a bullshit way to write off a main character. It's almost like Kristen Bell couldn't find time to reprise her role so they killed her character, got pissed and retroactively made her a bad guy. It was shitty writing at it's worst.

That actually is literally exactly what happened.

Actually literally exactly legitimately correctly truly really?


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I remember an interview where they developers of XCOM deliberately switched over to "credits" from real money amounts (which X-COM used) for the sheer sense of scale.

Plus, it's a lot easier to spend "Microsoft space bucks" than it is to spend an actual amount of money. I mean, I have trouble spending 5 bucks when it's on sale. It costs me 5 dollars for a fucking sandwich, but I still can't get over that mental block.

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Always bet on pirates.