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Oh yeah, blow the one Endurance Run every 2 years on a 1 hour long game.

The game could literally be beaten in a Quick Look if they got lucky enough.

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I'm waiting for the Christmas sale.

I expect to lose a lot of money that month.

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This idea is based on the fallacy such that one could argue that Console RPGs as a genre is obsolete: Due to the success of games like WoW:MoP and Guild Wars 2 it is quickly becoming the entire genre is now rendered obsolete.

This post reads exactly like those scumbag marketers who, a few years ago, declared the death of conventional systems in favor of tablet gaming.

Remember that shit? Those dudes rip off Smash the Castle, make the bombs some fat birds, and apparently they're the harbingers of a new age of gaming.

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Genres are pretty much generalizations anyway so really its not surprising for the term to be so widely used, outdated possibly but gaming is so diverse in its offerings that people are too lazy to label a game on its own merits. However, I won't lie that what really pisses me off is when you put a Korean, Chinese, etc. developed game in front of someone and they call it a JRPG. It shouldn't but it really gets under my skin when people do that.

If it makes you feel any better, if you say "Korean MMO" people TOTALLY fucking get what you're implying.

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JRPG accurately describes a certain type of game. It denotes themes and systems primarily.

The Souls games are ARPGs, first and foremost, because over the years JRPG came to entail something that wholly does not apply except on a semantic level.

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You know, I've thought for a while about whether they were going to close that loop off later in the series or not. They really hammered out with an obnoxious specificity in that first episode the details of Lee's pre-apocalypse murder victim. It seemed like there was seeding for some future connection. Secretly, I hope they just stay away from that at this point. The narrative is pretty far-gone from, well, everyone's past life and it seems silly now to incorporate that into the kidnapping subplot. There would be too many logical issues.

Does anyone feel the videotape from the end of Episode 2 is still a loose end that needs addressed, or am I just dense?

I think the video tape was probably just saying "Hey, next episode? BANDITS.".

Crazy lady in Episode 2 that taped them was Clem's mom. If you guys don't know. I think. People are saying it's not.

You hear Diana's voice in Episode 1.

See her too.

Crazy lady was crazy, even by her own account.

Unless Clem's mother has whatever the hell Michael Jackson had, somehow ended up walking cross-country, and assumed a new name...

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Christa and Omid, that's 2.

Ben, that's 3.

Kenny, of course, that's 4.

Clem is 5.

Barring any last minute fatalities, or Clem's mother being alive (not a fucking shot in hell of that being the case), this ship is good to go.

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Anyone calling ME3 a bad game probably just hasn't played a bad game in a loooooong time. That, or they don't understand the meaning of the word. Could be either of the two.

There's two categories of "bad". There's "does this game fucking work", in which case Big Rigs wins worst game of the year every year. There's also "on a conceptual level, this game literally caused brain tumors to form". Mass Effect 3 is definitely the latter.

Sorry, your game is bad.

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It's basically the equivalent of that weapon that you only get AFTER you've killed the superboss in the game, so there's nothing really to use it on.

If you're capable of taking down a Battleship, you're pretty clearly already a badass and specifically looking for it.

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I'd like to deploy multiple teams to different missions (perhaps allowing you to have a base per continent with a team per base), with a correspondingly much higher rate of attacks.

I'm still irritated that you aren't able to knock out two abduction missions if your round trip flight is less than the time it takes for the missions to expire normally.

My base is off the coast of Asia, it's literally 20 minutes round-trip to Beijing. Why in the flying fuck can I not knock that out, then get the B team loaded into the Skyranger to head off to Europe when I get back?