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@Zeik said:

Yes. Don't be too stuck to that though, like Jeff and Vinny were in their ER. It doesn't hurt to do it without one every now and then, especially for the first few levels where it doesn't actually make a difference.

I'd recommend the opposite of this. After level 2 or 3, you should really have an arcana card with you unless you want to lose like, a week just to get a single level.

Like, I can see where you're coming from in that "oh it'll be fine", but you do that you're going to get to the end of the game and suddenly you're out of time.

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It depends on the type of time travel.

Most "plot holes" involving time travel are people enforcing their own rules and bitching when the movie doesn't conform to them.

Case in point, Chrono Trigger. Most people point out the grandfather paradox, since it's never brought up in the game past the tutorial in 600 AD. Other than the fact that the writer of that part of the game literally quit after finishing that section, the real reason the entire game doesn't explode is because it simply uses a different set of time travel rules, involving a frankly terrifying place where aborted timelines (and in some cases people) get shuffled off to that, admittedly, only gets explained in Chrono Cross..

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Save your money for a PC upgrade or, god forbid, a next gen console.

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Peanut butter and cheddar sandwiches.

Fuck ALL y'all, that shit is delicious and I will fight anybody who says otherwise.

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Nah, people will just Action Replay them in and we'll trade Rattatas for Mewtwo.

Just like the good ol' days.

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@TwoArmed said:

@Feanor: Offices can take a while to get used to, man...

Yeah, 8 months is "a while".

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60-90 years.

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@Animasta said:


Perhaps it's DBZA keeping the memories warm, but I still really love it.

No bullshit, I still occasionally watch the finale of the Cell Saga and get pumped.

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Being able to colour your units is legitimately a strategic boon. It's nice being able to tell which of your units is which (I personally colour by class) at a glance.

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I am going to sell my Vintage Fancy Fedora for SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY