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You're lying if say you don't get aroused when that victory animation plays.

Either that or Mass Effect 1.

...but seriously, DotA.

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I'd pass judgement on this, but I unironically enjoy shit that should be really terrible but I think isn't for some reason so I no longer trust my own opinions.

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@MariachiMacabre Last I heard, calling someone a stupid foreigner isn't racist. It's rude, but not racist.

oh it's not? explain this to me.

Nationality is not the same thing as race. A Japanese native and an American of Japanese descent are the same race. Surely that doesn't require that much explanation.

Considering the relative racial homogeny of Japan, calling a non-Japanese living in Japan a "fucking stupid idiot foreigner" might just be a bit racist.

It's at least repugnantly xenophobic.

If you actually read the tweets involved, you'll realize he's throwing the words back in the face of the guy who originally wrote "stupid idiot foreigners" and changing the tense to "foreigner".

But hey, let's get this ~social justice~ witch hunt going.

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Keep it, or give it to somebody you like.

Fuck trading games in. "Oh hey, yeah, you can have this thing that cost me 50 dollars for less than a dollar, sure it's worth it because I'm giving you a lot of 50 dollar thi-" fuck off and leave me in my Hoarder-esque cave god dammit!

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So, it's something I should just watch instead of having to spend hours throwing random objects into a fireplace?

The game is very atmospheric, I'll admit, but yeah. You can pretty much just get the meaning by watching the last half hour.

Or you can just click this.

It turns into an adventure game and deconstructs Zynga-esque timesinks.
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I wouldn't play a Mass Effect anything after the fuckup that was ME3.

Bioware is dead to me.

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Go for the throat, magic man!

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The ending of Sam & Max was legit sad.

It was great.

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Remember Frog Fractions?

Basically that, except the bulk of the game IS what you saw and the "holy shit" part is the last 30 minutes.

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If you're not opposed to complete classics that came out 12 years ago and predicted 9/11, I recommend Deus Ex.

Game of the Year, all years, forever.