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Thus dies the last of the OGs.

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DotA 2

Tribes: Ascend

Planetside 2

Maybe TF2 if you count it but fuck you I paid 20 bucks for the Orange Box in 2007.

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EA will probably acquire the license to the Warhammer 40K stuff. They...probably won't do a lot with it. If we're especially lucky, they'll make some BioWare offshoot work on a 40K game.

Never happening. Games Workshop is ludicrously protective of the 40k franchise. In any case, I sure as hell wouldn't want to see current Bioware writers working on a 40k game.

I like how you pretend they have a choice in the matter.

EA's already set a fairly high bid for Saint's Row. So that series is dead.

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NOW it's over.

None of those games are coming out. Activision and EA will buy everything, and then immediately cancel everything.

So much for Obsidian finally getting to finish a game, I guess. And Metro sure as shit isn't coming out.

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Sometimes you don't get a send-off. Sometimes people just fucking die.

Your perspective was trained on Lee the entire series. It never once left. The only time it does is the stinger scene.

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Microsoft's already made their move. Give it a few years, and Steam is going to be looked at like a virus because of the Windows 8 Marketplace.

"Why isn't it on the marketplace? Must be a virus."

Steam has all the market it's ever going to have, unless Windows 8 fails spectacularly.

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Masochistic? I Wanna Be The Guy is masochistic. Dark Souls simply doesn't care whether you live or die, complete the game or not. If you fall, it will let you fall. If you don't learn its gameplay systems, it will let you be crushed.

The thing about it is that it doesn't care the other way too. If you learn its systems, approach situations with a cool head and knowledge of your own capabilities, it will let you run a train on everything in the game. It doesn't give a fuck either way. It's very Lovecraftian in that respect. The world doesn't care about you, but it doesn't care about that huge ass lava demon over there either, so go fucking overpower it if you want/need to.

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Let me put it this way.

When Clementine ended up in mortal danger, I knew the dark task ahead of me was going to end in tears. I felt no real rush, perhaps because of the medium. I knew I'd save Clem. And I did. TWD has a happy ending to me. I accomplished my goal and went out as well as anybody could hope.

When Nanako ended up in mortal danger, I cleared that entire dungeon in one fucking day. I emptied my bank account to pay the goddamn Fox for the SP to burn heaven to the ground. I could have taken more than one day. I could have taken it slowly. I probably would have been better served doing that actually, because the dungeon after that nearly ended me due to a lack of resources. I chose to blitz Namatame and punch him in his stupid goddamn face.

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I think it was closer to $30,000, but same difference. It was both weird that he was allowed to win the same award twice and rude of him to tell people to suck his dick in doing so.

I just realized why we may differ on our thoughts about Phil Fish. It may have something to do with our proximity to Quebec. Now hear me out here: one man's "rude" is another man's "French Canadian." Suuuure he may speak out of turn once in awhile.. it is part of his DNA. But I've never seen that be an indication that said Canadian is a bad person, when it really comes down to it.

Don't read this as a defence of Fish, but as a Canadian with a very limited knowledge of French-canadian culture, I'll corroborate that I read some of his behaviour as stereotypically French.

Also, while I don't know how pervasive his indiscretions have been, everyone says things they end up regretting once in a while, except most of us don't have an army of people on the internet waiting to pounce on mistakes. Stress (in the "I've devoted years of my life to this thing that could end up being an embarrassing and costly failure" sense) is, I'm sure, a real motherfucker.

I honestly don't see how his being French Canadian is an excuse for his being an assclown. Saying he just falls into a stereotype doesn't really mean anything. I mean, if there's a hillbilly that happens to be a racist imbecile, that doesn't excuse him for the fact that hillbillies are stereotypically racist imbeciles.

He's from Quebec?

Hurray, I can be judgemental on a whole 'nother level now!

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He presumably didn't do anything outside of the newbie mistake of not building shittons of satellites in the early game to the detriment of EVERYTHING ELSE.

Ballistics can take you to month 3. By that point, you should have so much goddamn spacemoolah that suddenly you go from starting equipment to "badass motherfuckers" in about as long as it takes to buy and equip the stuff.