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- I love Alex, but Hotline Miami, really?

- I only played The Walking Dead on the 360 and I did not have any problems with it. Calling that version awful is super dramatic.

Sometimes you gotta fight for shit.

Also, TWD on 360 hung for like 5 seconds during the ending of Episode 2. Really takes you out of it when Lee says "IT'S OVER" and then there's like 5 seconds before the game stops hanging.

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You people are the reason the ME3 discussion never happened.


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I really enjoyed Patrick calling everybody retarded 12 year olds.

Y'know, considering his PSN name is MechaMothra.

Like, fucking really? Is self-awareness just not a thing these days?

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Man guys, have I ever told you how much it annoys me when Patrick goes after stealth games? Metal Gear Solid is clunky, yes, but it's not an impenetrable mess like they seem to go on about. There was a game that did stealth right 14 years ago. It's called Thief.

The Manhunt games were pretty stellar Stealth games at that.

OK, I also have to admit that I was a little peeved to see that Patrick added Silent Hill in the ''PLEASE STOP'' award... Please Stop Ruining Silent Hill? That is a real dick move right there. There hasn't even been any actual discussion about what he disliked about Downpour at that, just the occasional ''this game is bad'' dropped here and there. Christ, even I will admit that while I really enjoyed Downpour (and I also even liked Homecoming to a lesser extent), it's definitely not one of the series best. But that was fucking harsh.

They also added in Resident Evil for the same nomination mind you, but that's different, because Resident Evil is currently just a soulless mixture of generic action game tropes, that have all been handled poorly, whereas Downpour was simply a lesser Silent Hill game. Maybe if he could actually make his case as to why he believes Downpour is apparently some sort of blight on the franchise, but until then I can't help but get annoyed with how often he keeps pulling it through the mud without any justification.

Downpour really was tragic though.

Because it wasn't OFFENSIVELY bad like the SH2 and SH3 ports. You could tell that they had some cool ideas with the story. They actually cared.

They just fucked it up so tremendously with the (lack of) monster designs and open-world bullshit.

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I'm pretty sure they talk about Lucy being a Templar in Asassin's Creed: Revelations, AC3 isn't the first time it's brought-up.

It's in DLC.

How 'bout that shit

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@MiniPato: I'm about as sick of you fucks complaining about spoilers as Jeff is. If you guys don't want to be spoiled go live on a fucking island like a bunch of hermits. We'll be over here enjoying and talking about things while they're current.

Duder, calm down. Do you need to call names and be all agro?


Fuck all y'all.

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Demon's Souls has way better multiplayer. The levels, due to the way they're partitioned off in such a way that you can refer to them as 1-1 or 4-3 or whatever, are way more conducive. The dedicated servers certainly help matters, and it's why I'm glad they're going back to it for DS2 (assuming they don't fuck up the rest of that game, but hey).

Demon's Souls is also WAY more atmospheric, but I'm not sure whether that's just due to the focus on the game being on demons and mad kings which are TOTALLY BITCHIN.

The only real advantage Dark Souls has is that systems like upgrading are way more intuitive, and you didn't have to worry about Crystal Geckos in the same way you have to worry about them in Demon's.

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XCOM was a bad game, and only gets a pass because "holy shit it's a fucking TBS in the year 2012".

The game mechanics barely function, entire sections of the gameplay are irrelevant (who the fuck ever uses SHIVs or interception after the first month), and the aliens are literally static spawns that don't move, except when they decide to teleport from waypoint to waypoint, often into the middle of your squad.

Also, Syndicate shouldn't be on that list. It's not even the same genre.

Your complaining about X-Com, talking about irrevelevent and stuff, as if the game should take away the freedom of playing the game how you want? You my friend, suck

I'm saying the game should be made better. If SHIVs were on par with your immortal Colonels, and you got more than 4 interceptions in an entire game, I'd have higher praise for it. It's not like they didn't have precedent - the tanks in X-COM were way sturdier than your troops, but took more space on your Skyranger, and Interception was a thing you did CONSTANTLY. It was your CHOICE whether to engage them or wait for them to land and/or carry out a misison. In XCOM, you just straight up stop getting interceptions after you shoot down the Overseer, which is 2 or 3 months into the game.

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A Deus Ex Machina is still an autistic child granting wishes.

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It's better than Citizen Kane.