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Man was really sad to hear about Warrior passing he was one of my favourites back in the day Like Macho man he always had crazy great promos the aeroplane Promo for Wrestlemania VI being one of the greatest, to finally get all the shit sorted out with WWE, to be in the HOF and making his first appearance on a WWE show in years just makes it worse.

here is the aeroplane promo RIP warrior.

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I suppose if anyone can direct a decent game from the star wars universe it could be Amy, shame she was to late there to write it I think she would have done a decent jobe of that lets hope Visceral can back it up.

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chat isn't working at the moment get no show when going to it , I get the player on the front page when logged in on desktop dont know if tablets would pick that up though

edit .. ok chat is back up

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both sets are awesome and i like the mirror idea Rory you should for sure put that in the story at some point.

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PS3 had a day one patch to enable some stuff also so it's nothing new and 300Mb is nothing really, I'm sure the launch day retail games would have the update on the disc so it's not like anyone would miss the update and if it's going too slow via PSn get it from the disc.

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The only thing I'm concerned about is the quality of localization for games like Persona, if they even will continue to release them in the west. I don't want them to Yakuza-fy it by just giving us the original Japanese with English subtitles, i.e. minimal localisation effort, while also removing the "too Japanese" parts of the game.

The Yakuza games have the Japanese track with english subtitles because that's how the fans in the west wanted them to be it's nothing to do with being a minimal translation effort, the first Yakuza game had a english dub and it was shit fans hated it so they went with Japanese and english subs for the second game and fans loved it so it's been that way for all other games since.

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I would hope that this doesn't somehow manifest itself in a similar issue for PSN downloads vs. disc purchases.

It wouldn't be a issue, the PSN version is just one big install on the drive in one location that it's running from, the Issue with the 360 if you install both discs is two installs with two locations on the drive trying to run at the same time causing a delay and the bad pop-in.

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I assume this streaming issue isn't a problem on the PS3? Does the game even require an 8gb install on the PS3? I hope not, but my hopes for it aren't strong.

it's not a streaming problem for the PS3 because once installed everything else comes of the disk, and yes there is a 8GB install for the PS3 version.

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I've been tempted to get into the games since people keep talking about how Escape from Butcher Bay has some of the best hand to hand combat. Didn't they remake it and released it with Assault on Dark Athena? If so, which one should I get?

Personally I would Get dark Athena Two games for the price of one, and yes Butcher bay was updated for the dark Athena Release so your getting a better version of that game