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I don't believe they will charge for the big expansions they never did for the previous games when they went to the extended editions they were all free so I don't see them changing that now.

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I'm glad i waited for the PS4 version instead of getting it on PS3, It's nice to see Rockstar do something more with the game and not just a nicer looking port.

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Great news i played and finished the PS3 version and for sure will get this for PC, hopefully it will pave the way for other Sega PC ports like Bayonetta, Vanquish and of course the one i really hope for the Yakuza series.

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Well deep silver were co publishing it with Crytek so it all makes sense that they would take full control when Crytek could no longer do that, I don't see anything changing that much to be honest.

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the alt ending was great imagine if they made the entire game a musical

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New trailer now released

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February 24th confirmed release date

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I'm wondering what they are planning for their collectors editions this time they always do awesome stuff

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@jayxeno said:

So is Vinny gone from SF for good? Or just launching the new office and coming back?


gone for good he's moving to NY and running GBNY with Alex.

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Man was really sad to hear about Warrior passing he was one of my favourites back in the day Like Macho man he always had crazy great promos the aeroplane Promo for Wrestlemania VI being one of the greatest, to finally get all the shit sorted out with WWE, to be in the HOF and making his first appearance on a WWE show in years just makes it worse.

here is the aeroplane promo RIP warrior.