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Nice to see another Sakura player... but you have to try to  get in the other opponents head (regardless of who they choose).  Learn all of the "tricks" of that Character... and bait them into false hope that they can pull off those moves. Also, play "offensively defensive", meaning continuously approach and issue attacks but with a defensive mind. Rush down only to block (watching for throws/overheads/etc). If you get him down, and he doesn't immediately get back up, make it seem like you missed a follow up (like an overhead). This "whiff" will make them think you are going to do it again to try and connect, so when they do eventually wake up, they will pull out some counter, only to be blocked because you were prepared for it... 
Just work hard, you'll get it... Everyone has a weakness. It just takes diligence.
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Zangief is cheap, always has been. Always will be!

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Call of duty 4 = Meh
Call of duty World at war = Extra Meh

Im expecting around the same for the next one..... might rent it. MIGHT

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I really don't enjoy much of Soulja Boy's music, but I have to say I am GLAD that he one. Teaches people not to judge a book by its cover. As gamers we have been stereotyped to death and back, so I think this teaches people not to do the same to others, and ourselves. Gamers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and flavors of life... Nice Job Soulja Boy!

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That video was kind of corny.

But my money is actually on Soulja Boy.  He is a fan a videogames, while tolillo just works in the industry (he is probably a fan too, but not at the level of someone who is really able to get in deep with those games can be). But yeah, I think Soulja Boy will come out on top on this one...

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Have rhythm games peaked? No definitely not.

Have Rock/Guitar based Rhythm games peaked? More than likely Yes

Have Drum based rhythm games peaked? Not yet.

The point I'm trying to make with all of this, is that it's not that rhythm games have peaked, its just that ever since the first guitar hero, they have all been the SAME game. It's time for new genres of music, new mechanics, etc.

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Jeff, I have to let you know. That there have been alot of decsisions made this year that have a vast impact on the world as a whole. The rise of gas prices, the election of the first African American president Barack Obama. And JUST BELOW the president election, is the importance of this website obtaining this technology of a vocoder to record podcasts with!!! GET IT, AND GET IT NOW!!!!

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