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how many people can you have living in the game? I would assume that there is one for each apartment. but do you get another apartment if you fill all the rooms? when they move in together do you now get a free slot where the old one used to live?

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Massive Chalice does look like what im looking for. to bad its still in development.

I looked into Shadow run returns right when you posted that and it does look perfect. but I think you can only make one character :[ and I wanted to make a whole team of people. but it does have work shop support. maybe someone made something that would make it more like xcom in that regard.

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Hey bomborittos,

I'm looking for a new game. and was wondering if any of you guys got any suggetions.

I'll just start off by saying I loved Xcom enemy unknown and im looking to play another game similar to it. there are some requirements to make it the ideal game however.

1. needs to be turn based

2. there should be some kinda perma-death. or at least make it so using a bunch of characters is a viable strategy.

3. there needs to be character customization. I really want to be able to name all my guys and make them all special. I dont want something like final fantasy tactics where each class just gets one sprite.

4. preferably a class or job based system.

5. maybe a fantasy? doesnt need to be though.

6. should have decent graphics.

7. preferably a PC game. but I can work with other platforms.

if you guys got any suggestions I would be happy to see them! thanks in advance

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I played and loved the first (season?) of The Walking dead. I want to play 400 days now and my friend wants to watch. but he still wants to play the first one. will there be spoilers for the first season?

or is it all completely unrelated to the old characters?

thanks in advance.

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@ArtisanBreads: yeah its crazy hard. and i know a decent amount about dnd. i got to my first fight with the frogs and lost 2 party members lol

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@BisonHero: thanks. the quick look maked it look good. but i really want to be able to see my guys. i might try it some time though

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@buft: oh i used to play the older versions of that game. it was way over my head when i was a kid but ill probably buy this one for sure

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@Karkarov: i played dragons dogma and liked it but never finished it. it was probably just to much rpg at the time for me though. cause i played way to much skyrim