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After reading this, I'm lost as to what the negative consequences are. The only thing I saw that was bad is if you meet some one you might be a lazy lay. My question is,if you work and pay your bills, and your extra time is used for games and porn... So what? I like going out and hanging with friends and shit, but I'd have a hard time proving that going out to the bar or whatever is more positive than just posting up at home playing a game and beating off.

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This is paradoxically the most raciest, homiphobic, and sexest thing I have ever read. I'm pretty sure Jeff knows what he is doing. wow...just wow

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Business class, no cap. 75/75. Wow, if i had some of the restrictions that I read on this forum, I would literally move. These ISPs should be held to task, they make cash hand over fist without investing in infrastructure. Yet people bitch about games having huge patches, fuck that noise; the people you should be complaining to/about is the internet providers.

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@cyberfunk: Probably because games get canceled all the time, but fly under the radar. I assume @patrickklepek chose to do this because he was able to find a pretty funny angle to report on it. People are so peculiar what they take issue with.

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@dr_kyosho: damn this is great! Started with John Carmack... was in a K-hole for an hour.

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13, wow. Thats so hard to wrap my head around. So young...

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Nice write up, sad thing is the "teaser trailer" seems more interesting to me then the actual game its promoting. Some thing that is 2-5 hours: does some thing really well, sounds far more appealing than some thing that is 100+ hours... Then again I work 45+ hours a week so my time is limited. I have So many games on the back burner that i never get to because the idea of starting something that I know will take 80+ hours is daunting.

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4.99 an hour is more like the value Sony is interested in.

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despite (accidentally) running over many Chicago residents, it didn't impact the game. The act of killing is routine

Thats not the Chicago I know.... :P