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@cyberfunk: Probably because games get canceled all the time, but fly under the radar. I assume @patrickklepek chose to do this because he was able to find a pretty funny angle to report on it. People are so peculiar what they take issue with.

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@dr_kyosho: damn this is great! Started with John Carmack... was in a K-hole for an hour.

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13, wow. Thats so hard to wrap my head around. So young...

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Nice write up, sad thing is the "teaser trailer" seems more interesting to me then the actual game its promoting. Some thing that is 2-5 hours: does some thing really well, sounds far more appealing than some thing that is 100+ hours... Then again I work 45+ hours a week so my time is limited. I have So many games on the back burner that i never get to because the idea of starting something that I know will take 80+ hours is daunting.

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4.99 an hour is more like the value Sony is interested in.

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despite (accidentally) running over many Chicago residents, it didn't impact the game. The act of killing is routine

Thats not the Chicago I know.... :P

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Yea nepotism! J/k good to hear he found a gig in a pretty fast order.

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@village_guy: sniper v2 also has a dlc pack to shoot Hitler

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internet rage...you are the best. From the vocal minority at sonygaf; and Microsoft's apathy.... A group of people who had mock rage, and never were going to buy the system, to the developers who never showed a reasonable use of the tec. I salute you.