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Yea nepotism! J/k good to hear he found a gig in a pretty fast order.

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@village_guy: sniper v2 also has a dlc pack to shoot Hitler

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internet rage...you are the best. From the vocal minority at sonygaf; and Microsoft's apathy.... A group of people who had mock rage, and never were going to buy the system, to the developers who never showed a reasonable use of the tec. I salute you.

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Weird no one is mentioning the smell, or the dust...game can look and sound close to the real thing, but the smell and the gritty powder that is in the air is what I separate the most.

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The part in Kane and Lynch 2 where you are stripped naked and have cuts all over you, for whatever reason I could hardly watch the screen.

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In Chicago, typically yes - but last night was too fucking cold and snowy, so we got a reprieve.


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Just Finished/s-ranked Deadlight, and in 2014 Around the 1 o'clock central, finished the last few hours of mass effect 2 insanity cheevo. About to hit up the end of mass effect 1 and finish off the last achievements for it. Getting very close to 92% on this gamertag/console before I move over to XB1/ps4 exclusively

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@drewbert of all the hype with brad and brothers, your paragraph has sold me. Bought it tonight. Good stuff, duder. Stoked to see you toss your hat into the ring.

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If you have opposing view on the /gaming side all they do is ban...place is a full-on add for Sony products. Fuck that place. They dismiss the hivemind/sonygaf sentiment, yet they only allow posts that reflect that view. The fact that any one from the industry even posts there is crazy, if its not aligned with sony it seems to that user is allowed to be harassed. The amount of comments of the OP equating to TL;DR is amazing. My favorite part is how arrogant and myopic posters are allowed to be if it supports their view. Everything else is "FUD". Fuck that place, better off going to redit or 4chan :P