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@dr_kyosho: damn this is great! Started with John Carmack... was in a K-hole for an hour.

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13, wow. Thats so hard to wrap my head around. So young...

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Nice write up, sad thing is the "teaser trailer" seems more interesting to me then the actual game its promoting. Some thing that is 2-5 hours: does some thing really well, sounds far more appealing than some thing that is 100+ hours... Then again I work 45+ hours a week so my time is limited. I have So many games on the back burner that i never get to because the idea of starting something that I know will take 80+ hours is daunting.

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4.99 an hour is more like the value Sony is interested in.

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despite (accidentally) running over many Chicago residents, it didn't impact the game. The act of killing is routine

Thats not the Chicago I know.... :P

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Yea nepotism! J/k good to hear he found a gig in a pretty fast order.

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@village_guy: sniper v2 also has a dlc pack to shoot Hitler

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internet rage...you are the best. From the vocal minority at sonygaf; and Microsoft's apathy.... A group of people who had mock rage, and never were going to buy the system, to the developers who never showed a reasonable use of the tec. I salute you.

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Weird no one is mentioning the smell, or the dust...game can look and sound close to the real thing, but the smell and the gritty powder that is in the air is what I separate the most.