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The lack of enthusiasm these guys have for certain, seemingly random, big games really surprises me sometimes. It is a landmark game in the industry they are paid to cover, that came out during a period of time with hardly any other games worth playing or covering in depth.

What the hell are you doing as a video game journalist if you haven't played The Last of Us by now?

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I realize the 180 as well as gently pushing Mattrick out are moves in the right direction, but they aren't moves that make me feel any better about Microsoft's product.

Maybe they were headed in the wrong direction before, but they had a leader and they had a direction. Now all that's left is a void where those two things used to be. Not a good situation to be in mere months from the release of your new console.

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I loved the ending.

To have Ellie die to save humanity would have been the most predictable, and easiest, way to end the game. There's nothing to think about or discuss there; sacrificing the self for the good of the many has been done again, and again, and again.

Civilization had already devolved back to survival of the fittest. Killing a child without even running it by her was a foregone conclusion to these people. Sometimes the ends don't justify the means, and if you have to lose your humanity to save humanity, what's the point? What are you saving when humans are just another animal without a moral compass guiding them?

The game world leading up to the end was colored with shades of grey, as all of the characters had their own reasons for doing morally questionable things. This includes what Joel does at the end by saving Ellie, then lying to her.

To instead end it with some kind of altruistic sacrifice of a child that brings humans back from the brink into a new golden age would not have fit the tone of the story at all.

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I'll buy the PS4 at first, then wait and see on the XB1. There's a good chance the PS4 is the only one I'll need if it turns out that third party games consistently perform better than their XB1 counterparts.

Once the Wii U Deluxe Set gets to around $200 - 250 I'll pick it up.

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Dedicated servers

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Hitman Absolution

The Swapper

Metro: Last Light

Rogue Legacy

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Ridley from Metroid

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Only a handful on both systems. My friends list contains only people that I know in real life.

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Anything related to the Witcher series of games and/or books will always get my vote.

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@khidi: I think you're right on the money there. That's the only reason I can think of why they would be so vague about family sharing only to kill it without a second thought.