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All the stuff I bought was at least 75% off.

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  • Dragon's Crown
  • XCOM
  • Saints Row IV
  • Killer is Dead

I've got my eye on that Brothers game too, it looks pretty neat from the trailer I saw.

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If you're calling The Simpsons terrible chances are you aren't very old. That show was straight classic for a good long time. It is, in fact, one of the best shows of all time despite being a shell of it's former self for years now.

The Simpsons have existed in one form or another for more than 25 years. For 10 years the show was amazing. The vast majority of shows die in the first year of their existence. Show some respect.

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@yadilie: Oh yeah, I forgot how awesome landing one of those was! Haha, good stuff.

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Backwards compatibility sounded amazing when I was switching from PS1 to PS2. But in practice I never really used it much, and these days if I feel like say playing Onimusha I have no qualms about pulling the PS2 out of the closet and having a go at it.

If you're going back to the past to play some old console games anyway, might as well complete the nostalgic experience by dusting off the old hardware too.

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A few of my favorites have already been mentioned, so here's a few that haven't been:

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I was the last T, two CT's left. I have an AWP and plant bomb. I see an M4 on the ground a little ways away from my hiding spot and a voice inside my head told me to leave the sniper rifle at my spot and go grab the auto as backup.

So I run over and grab it, get back in my spot and drop the M4 next to me. A few seconds later I snipe one guy attacking the bomb site from the right. His friend was waiting on the left side for me to give away my position. So he charged around the corner immediately after I fire at guy number 1, only to find me charging him with my M4.

All the dead people saw my impromptu plan work to perfection, just about everyone on both sides gave me some props at the beginning of the next round.

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I'm hoping for deeper discounts to The Swapper, Rogue Legacy, and Metro: Last Light before the sale ends, but I have a feeling I'll need to wait for the winter sale to get the prices I like on those.

Buying Fallout: New Vegas with all the DLC for $5 is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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I can't decide whether doing a podcast this week to carry on Ryan's legacy, or skipping a week as a sort of moment of silence would be the best way to honor his memory. Either way they choose I think would be poignant for different reasons.

My hope is that whenever they do decide to return to that room for the first time without their captain, I would love for it to be nothing but the guys sharing their favorite memories and stories of Ryan. It would be a tough one to record as well as listen to, but I think it would help the crew and the fans along in the grieving process.

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Rest in peace, Ryan. Thanks for all the laughs.