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Lame title, pretentious opening sentence. I didn't read any further than that.

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It's about even for me. There are a few games on each list that are on my radar, but nothing that jumps out at me as something I know I'll be buying. Voted for see results.

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Scoops strikes again!

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Shadows of the Damned was much more than the sum of it's parts. The game was fun, goofy, disturbing, funny, and sometimes scary. And it has one of the best soundtracks of the generation.

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Seemingly lost in all the used game and required online debate is the fact that the PS4 is potentially 50% more powerful and 100 dollars cheaper.

That's why I'm going with a PS4 first.

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Amazon, mostly because I don't have to pay sales tax which saves me about $30. Having it delivered to me at work is nice too.

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@hollitz: high five! I love that show, even when it isn't laugh out loud funny it's got a nice laid back vibe.

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Comedy Bang Bang

The Long Shot Podcast

I've sampled a lot of comedy podcasts in my day and those two are the only ones that I make sure to catch every episode.

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I didn't break it, but it definitely stood out to me in the environment. That's pretty amusing that the scripted event just plays out with a ghost vase, you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to account for the player smashing it with a different scripted dialog.

The only thing I've noticed as far as the game "breaking" and pulling me out of the fiction is when your companions run around right in front of enemies and outright bumping into them without being detected. Of course I'd rather that happen than them blowing my cover, but in a game that is all about this cinematic immersion it's really jarring to see. I think they could have at the very least hid that better by just having the AI park it's ass behind cover until you get far enough ahead and then just catching up. But instead they're antsy little devils that are popping up and running right up on you every few seconds, and all that does is shine a big old spotlight on the problem.

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I expected the PS4 to be winning this poll, but not to the tune of 84%. Small sample size of enthusiasts sure, but still...damn.

For me it's PS4 at launch, Xbone whenever it gets a price drop or two. Maybe a Wii U if it ever gets a few games I'm interested in.