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Not enough info to decide.

Sure the PS4 conference had games...but the only interesting ones for me were obvious third party titles that will be available on all systems. We still don't even know the price, release date, or launch titles of either system and people are already comfortable choosing which one they want? Seems weird to me.

I feel like I won't know which one I want until a good 6 months into their lifespan. I want people to have time to dissect the architecture of both machines and find out if one provides significant performance abilities over the other, etc. Also by that time the game catalogues will be a little more fleshed out.

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I hope you appreciate how ironic it is that you're telling people to calm down by flying off the handle with a long, expletive laden post about "how fucking stupid" people that don't share your optimism are acting. But, seeing your liberal use of the word "fuck" I highly doubt subtleties are your specialty.

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I liked that the general interface seems much quicker and cleaner. I wouldn't use all those programs but if I can bounce between tv/netflix/games with that much speed that would be pretty cool.

If a good percentage of those 15 exclusives with 8 new IP's are interesting, Xbox One could be an enticing buy much sooner than I thought. I guess all that depends on the costs involved and the games though. E3 will definitely be the deciding factor for me on which console I go with first.

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@fredchuckdave: Ah, now I understand your points. Again I didn't think it was a fantastic movie by any means, merely a good one.

To be honest I think a large part of it's success is a general lack of anything else interesting in the theaters. The movie does have a unique look if nothing else, especially when compared to other movies out now. Maybe the pretty faces, cool clothes and old New York mixed with modern music in the trailers helped bring in a younger audience?

Sorry for suggesting you were arrogant by the way, I wish I had used a different word as it came out more harshly than I intended.

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@fredchuckdave: Good writers care about a sentence. A good book is not born from a collection of bad sentences. Also I'm not talking about any sentence, but rather the last and most important sentence in any book besides the first. Also the most diffucult to write. And of all the books ever written, Gatsby has one of the best. Respect.

The movie captures the main themes of the book and takes most of its dialog from it, all while still being a unique adaptation with its own identity. It's not just about vapid people, it's about why such people are not to be idolized. It would do teenagers some good to hear such a message in a piece of fiction.

To be snide about a work solely because of what you perceive the target audience to be is a little arrogant.

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The Great Gatsby is not about vapid people. It's a book that denounces vapid people by comparing them to Gatsby, who plays at a vapid person as best he can in order to reclaim his past. It is also a book with arguably the best ending sentence of all time.

I do agree that the movie was a touch too long, but to think the material is light and made for simple minded teens does a great disservice to one of the finest pieces of American literature.

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Nope. I'm an adult that has a job and some respect for the creators of the games I play.

I can understand pirating games as a kind of extended demo to find out what you want to buy, as I have done in the past. I don't have that kind of time for games any more, so I just spend my money wisely and do research before purchases. If you just pirate all your games without throwing a bone to your favorites, I think you're no better than a common thief.

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It's a bit telling when the talk about a video game company is focused more on their business model than it is on the video games. Where are the games?

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Sweet, I'm glad this is still alive and kicking.

I never understood the immediate dismissal of this game simply because it's not a turn based strategy. For all the overused tropes and settings in video games, I feel like there could be a lot more with that 1920 - 1950 classic Americana vibe. I can't get enough of that stuff.

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I'll be interested to see what they've got, but I find myself realizing that I probably won't get the next Xbox.

The devolution of the dashboard into something akin to a Nascar chassis, and the drastic decline in the quality of downloadable or exclusive titles leaves little to entice me besides the ability to easily play with friends. And I've only got a handful of them that I play with regularly...most of whom I play with on Steam as well.

If the always online rumors are false and they ditch the subscription I'll consider it.