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Dark Souls 2, South Park, and Wolfenstein

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I think there are goobers on both sides of this silly debate. You aren't that evolved if you are in favor of diversity to the point of immediately marginalizing the perspectives of two people just because they're white males. You're just an asshole if you feel the need to shout people down because they criticize or take note of a lack of diversity.

If anyone needs me, I'll be here waiting to see the content these new hires produce before I make any judgments about them being good additions to the team or not.

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I picked up Enemy Within and started playing it immediately after finishing the download (forgot how awesome XCOM is). Plan on doing just that with Blood Dragon later tonight. And the same goes for Jazzpunk, Broken Age, and Wolf Among Us when those games drop to a price I like.

Play those games you buy! It's a satisfying feeling.

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It's an iterative process. Evolution takes time.

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I'm all over that collector's edition, don't see it available anywhere yet though...

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It's just a different perspective, what matters is execution. I like games that service gameplay above all, and I like games that focus on story. What they choose as their focus isn't what makes or breaks a game, it is how they execute on it. There is room for both types of games in my library.

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I only played for about 45 minutes last night but the game clicked with me almost immediately. After only the first handful of fights I was setting up attacks and messing up mobs using all the moves in my arsenal without getting touched.

The fact that the combat just felt right to me without any drawn out tutorial is really cool. I love the setting and general atmosphere too, can't wait to get play more.

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I love the move, can't wait to see what comes out of it!

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Tampa, Florida, USA

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They need to bring back the Endurance Run, straight up. I know it's one of those unspoken rules not to mention it or whatever, but goddamn I'm tired of staying mum on the subject. Do another fucking Endurance Run! Remember those? That was the shit that brought me to the site every single day when I first learned of Giant Bomb. It doesn't even have to be a proper, daily ER that lasts a couple of months. I'll take a stealth ER every once in a while like Bad Dudes or Phantasmagoria.

Flight Club! Remember that shit? Do more of those.

They should also do more fighting game tournaments or in general any kind of great couch multiplayer game every once in a while. UPF should focus less on stuff that is obscure and more on stuff that is fun and interesting to watch multiple people play around with. TNT isn't fun to watch, but it sure as hell is fun to be a part of, so I'd like to see that come back too.

Anyway, I'm already a subscriber these are just things I'd like to see.