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Cool, I'm down for more.

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I was not at all surprised by Nintendo's inability to even stream their conference properly, much less show me something new or exciting.

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Players see a return on the cost of PS Plus from the free games alone.

Besides that argument ending point, the hope is that paying for multiplayer will allow Sony to build up their infrastructure so that one day they do own the servers people play on and can provide an online multiplayer experience that matches Xbox Live.

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Depends on the price. Downloading games that are a few gigs is appealing to me only if it costs less than the disc based version.

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Lots of interesting new games! Even somewhat known quantities like MGS5 and Witcher 3 surprised me by how good they looked. There's a general excitement to this E3 that only comes with new console launches and even if stuff doesn't blow me away the fact that there are shiny new toys makes me happy.

I feel bad for people that can only be snarky or underwhelmed by this stuff. It's like Christmas for me.

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There's no doubt you get more for your money with PS Plus than you do with Xbox Live. But what I really hope happens now that multiplayer requires PS Plus is that they use the added revenue to bolster the online service with more/faster servers and voice communication that is as easy to use as it is on Live.

If PS Plus becomes as good at facilitating online gaming with friends as Live, the paywall becomes completely justified in my mind and the steady flow of free games becomes icing on the cake.

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Decent showing from EA, but it's all potential right now with little to no gameplay of the things that caught my interest. Glad to see lots of destructible environments in BF4 though.

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Phantom Pain looks amazing, easily my favorite of the MS conference. There were some pretty solid exclusives shown and overall a lot of games that I want to play. 500 dollars is a bit steep though, so I definitely won't be there on day one. But man...sooner or later I'm going to need Dead Rising 3.

Not bad considering I was pretty much decided on a PS4 before the conference. I'll own both eventually but which one to get first is back to being a tough decision. Bring on the Sony conference!

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I think I'm one of the few die hard Metal Gear fans that isn't at all bothered by the change. Love my man Hayter but it's not like he's going to be out on the streets now. Plus if you're going to replace him, Kiefer Sutherland is a pretty damn good choice.

Can't wait for more Metal Gear!

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Trenched is one of my favorite games, Brad Muir one of my favorite people. I might have to pop my Kickstarter cherry here with Massive Chalice.