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@zels: You've got the right idea my friend, I need to go back and play Planescape again. Never did finish it.

I rarely pay full price on release dates for games. As a result, I'll be buying Hitman, Tomb Raider, DmC, Metal Gear Rising in the coming months as they dip into that 20-30 dollar sweet spot.

Also dat backlog.

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I'm playing it now for the first time and loving it. Of course the original Deus Ex is my favorite game, so I have a tolerance for the shortcomings of a first person rpg that's over a decade old.

But yeah, bought it from GOG, slapped a couple mods on it to pretty it up some, and jumped right in relatively easily.

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Remember E3 when everyone was all excited about a cool new SimCity?

It takes a special kind of negligence to squander all the goodwill of people who wanted to like this game. Hell, I'm not a Sim guy at all and I was planning on buying the game. Now I'm happy waiting until I see it for 5 bucks on Steam someday, if I don't just forget about the game outright.

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Garry Whitta you sly son of a bitch!

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I thought the "meeting" was great simply because I didn't expect much. Lots of pretty tech demos and a little bit of gameplay were enough to get me excited.

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I think Mass Effect 2 is the best case scenario for this kind of thing.

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It was great because Ryan is fantastic at talking about movies. Mad knowledge, good taste, and says intelligent things about movies without sounding pretentious. His guest spots on Screened podcasts were top notch as well. Ryan on movies is better than Ryan on games.

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Please happen!

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The Witcher is off the chain.

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The problem is not many seem to be able to do romance stories well, or in an interesting manner.

It's all cookie cutter, hearts aflutter saccharine cute shit. The story almost always deals with the beginning, "honeymoon" phase of a relationship. My favorite romance stories don't follow those tropes. Like say the movies Blue Valentine and 500 Days of Summer, or the novel Fight Club (which I consider to be a love story between the unnamed narrator and Marla Singer).