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The funny thing is The Witcher 3 actually deals with race and bigotry in some interesting ways. But because the characters are all white that fact gets overlooked by single minded folks who think simply having different color palettes for the characters is the only way to be progressive.

They are too busy judging the book by its cover to crack it open and read into it a bit.

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For those having trouble deflecting arrows back to the offending archer, the moment to hit block is when you hear them launching the arrow.

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Man it is tempting to throw my PS4 with P.T. up on ebay.

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This game looks fucking doooooope. The fact that they included slow beats like scavenging for food/parts/gas has me just as excited as the action bits; so many games don't do any sort of pacing. The combat (both on foot and vehicular) looks fun, exploration looks like it matters, there are RPG elements and the world reacts to your actions? Sign me up.

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All metal all the time. Or the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy.

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Fantastic game that seemed to get flak only from those that didn't play it. Super fun to play and one of the best soundtracks ever.

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Not in a while, but I've kept all of the games I've really liked for the past 15 years or so. I stopped the whole Gamestop trade-in loop once I became more financially stable as an adult, so I actually have a lot of old classics in case I want to go back to them.

At some point in my future I am absolutely positive I'm going to go back and play Xenogears, Onimusha, Deus Ex (for the 5th time) and a few other classics that I hold dear. I got nothing but love for the 8 and 16 bit era that I grew up with too, but I have played those so much that I don't think I would get much out of going back to them. It's like, I know SMB3 and World so well that there would be no surprises in playing them again.

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I left a note behind the pig monster in the sewers that says "reeks of evil eye" and no one has rated it. Also, I keep knocking on doors but no one wants to go to the chapel or clinic. They just tell me to fuck off into the night.

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The biggest issue with fedoras in 2015 is they're often worn by those that don't understand fashion. These folks think that adding one statement piece to their tee shirt and shorts outfit adds style, when really it's creating a clash in formality. Fedoras are meant to be worn with a suit, and even then it's a bit costumey for my taste. I guess those straw ones are alright if you're going to the beach or other relaxed outdoor situation where you might want to protect yourself from the sun a bit.

Having said that I don't judge those that wear them, as I realize most males in America simply don't care as much about how they dress as I do.

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Honestly if you've kept up with games on a console since 2006 you haven't missed much beyond better versions of games you already know.

Just a few recs off the top of my head:


To The Moon