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Get them wet shaving kits: brush, double edge razor, blade sample pack, soap/cream, mug. Put it all in wooden box. Note that to do this right (decent equipment) you'll probably have to pay 50-75 per person if not a little more.

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I wonder how good the aiming will feel as you grind along and do all the traversal stuff. It seems like it would be less than ideal to use thumbsticks.

I would assume very similar to way it feels in Ratchet. They've been doing combat on grind rails since the PS2 Ratchet games.

True. The movement speed here looks a bit faster than the Ratchet games though. I'm just getting flashbacks to Bioshock Infinite where I had trouble being effective with weapons while on rails using thumbsticks.

I'll just have to wait and see I guess. It looks like players will have a lot of splash damage weapons that should make it easier to zap dudes while grinding along.

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Just flag and move on, people.

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I wonder how good the aiming will feel as you grind along and do all the traversal stuff. It seems like it would be less than ideal to use thumbsticks.

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I think some of the blame rests with the stereotypical, forum going video game player and how jaded they have become. When a game is fist announced and details are scarce, they fill their heads with visions of some grand gift from the gods that totally changes the way video games are played and also cures cancer.

Then more details are released, and forum guy starts to break it down into its parts and the honeymoon is over. He realizes that it's just a video game. It's no longer a brand new universe to explore with friends, it's Halo meets Borderlands. Once you realize that every game is going to be made up of core systems that you've probably seen in other games, it becomes harder to fall victim to both hype and the subsequent let down.

I realize this, so I'm still excited for Destiny. I don't care that there isn't a constant stream of hype over the course of a year leading up to the game. I wouldn't pay attention to it anyway. When I know I'm going to get a game, I go dark on most media so that it's still fresh when I get my hands on it.

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1. Deus Ex

2. Dark Souls

3. Metal Gear Solid

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It's going to be Dark Souls 2, Stick of Truth, Dragon Age: Origins, and Trials Fusion until Transistor comes out. I'll check out Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein, but those might be budget buys further down the line.

Most of my time will go to DS2, but I also want a little refresher for DA:Inquisition. I save South Park for when my girlfriend wants to watch, and DA:O for when I'm not in a Souls mood. But yeah, DS2 will be the default for most of the month.

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@thelegendofmart: I suppose some people only read what they want to see. For example, I even state in my comment that I would like to see some more streams of older games. That is in fact a criticism of GB, I just didn't wrap it in a sassy attitude and threats of stopping my subscription.

Your idea of an excuse is simply my perspective on a silly video game website. I've got no dog in this hunt, no arguments to win or agendas to push.

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I think it's shortsighted to want more content from Giant Bomb and not realize that there is a distinct lack of anything for them to cover. Sure I wouldn't mind if they did more streams of throwback games and what not during the launch window down time. But I'm not exactly chomping at the bit ready to demand more.

Here's why: I go other places if there isn't any GB content that interests me. If I want to watch someone play through Maximo I'll go to youtube and find it instead of wondering why Giant Bomb isn't providing that need for me. It's a big internet out there. The fact that I can count on 4-5 hours of content a week in podcasts and quick looks alone, free of charge, is enough for me.

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@humanity: Yeah I had to burn a soul vessel to even wield the thing without the Ring of Knowledge. I guess the fact that the weapon just feels right to me makes up for having to adjust my build to those requirements.