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@thelegendofmart: I suppose some people only read what they want to see. For example, I even state in my comment that I would like to see some more streams of older games. That is in fact a criticism of GB, I just didn't wrap it in a sassy attitude and threats of stopping my subscription.

Your idea of an excuse is simply my perspective on a silly video game website. I've got no dog in this hunt, no arguments to win or agendas to push.

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I think it's shortsighted to want more content from Giant Bomb and not realize that there is a distinct lack of anything for them to cover. Sure I wouldn't mind if they did more streams of throwback games and what not during the launch window down time. But I'm not exactly chomping at the bit ready to demand more.

Here's why: I go other places if there isn't any GB content that interests me. If I want to watch someone play through Maximo I'll go to youtube and find it instead of wondering why Giant Bomb isn't providing that need for me. It's a big internet out there. The fact that I can count on 4-5 hours of content a week in podcasts and quick looks alone, free of charge, is enough for me.

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@humanity: Yeah I had to burn a soul vessel to even wield the thing without the Ring of Knowledge. I guess the fact that the weapon just feels right to me makes up for having to adjust my build to those requirements.

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I'm rocking a Fire Black Knight Greatsword+4.

The loss in physical damage is less than the additional gain to fire damage you get from infusing. A regular Black Knight Greatsword has C, E, C scaling in Str, Dex, and Faith. After infusing with fire it still has C,E,C scaling so no big loss there.

Not to mention it's got Greatsword reach with Claymore swings. I love it!

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Dawkins is the man, don't believe the hate. Atheists are one of the more despised groups of people out there. A Gallup poll from 2012 showed that US citizens would sooner vote for a Muslim, gay, or lesbian president than they would an atheist. Dawkins has been nothing but professional any time I've heard him speak or read his work, but perhaps there are things I'm not privy to which warrants people not liking him. People certainly don't like him, and he receives more death threats than I would care to have leveled at me for simply stating my beliefs.

Watch either version of Cosmos for a great introduction to evolution and the scientific method in general.

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I'm right there with you on GTA games. Love them, been playing them since the top down days. Never finished a single one. I dive head first into each game and play the hell out of them for a few weeks, then stop cold turkey. And every time a new one comes out, I buy it at full price within the first few days of release.

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I came for the young Vinny in the thumbnail.

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17 hours in, using the Bastard Sword. I like being able to one hand it with a shield in new areas, then switch to two-handed in familiar territory.

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I saved up for the Silver Cat Ring to drop down into the well in Majula. Bought the ring, dropped down to the first platform and promptly died.

I guess I'll bump up my Vit?

I'm level 50 and only have 11 Vigor so that's not enough to survive that fall with the Silver Cat Ring. I wonder how much health I need.

I survived with 15 vigor and the Silver Cat Ring. Not sure if anything between 11-15 would work, as I didn't try until I had 15 vigor.

Hmm, I'm only at 7 now...not sure how much I want to dump into vigor. I might just have to find another way in.