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I have an executive position in finance and we'll leave it there.

You could have left it at even less than that, since I (nor anyone else) asked you what you did for a living. Many of us are adults that have jobs, you don't have to explain the concept of not having all the time in the world to play video games.

And I took none of the shit you said "too personally" since none of your baseless assumptions about hypothetical people applied to me.

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As an adult with a fairly high powered and stressful career followed by the other typical adult responsibilities I play most games on easy and have to avoid a lot of MP. I play games to relax and escape stress, so easy is where it's at. People that want all games to be super hard and 40 hours long *probably* have no lives or are superior humans (doubtful). I also know I don't have the time to sink enough hours into MP to get as skilled as I need to be so it'd be fun as well so that kind of blows but whatever.

I find it curious that you feel the need to assert how important you are and insult anyone that might be better than you at playing video games.

Anyway, it depends on the game for me. Usually I play on normal, but The Last of Us was a much better experience for me when I moved up to hard.

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I'm into fashion but I don't have the cash for that Comme Des Garcons or Rick Owens type stuff. Don't really like most of that kind of aesthetic either. The kind of things I'll drop that kind of money on are a good pair of boots, luggage, a wristwatch, or winter coat. Things that can last you a lifetime if you pay high dollar for quality.

I'm more into a basic, utilitarian understanding of style and fashion: how things should fit, what colors look best on me, and how different colors and textures interact with each other and the environment. I stick to heavyweight denim, corduroy, cotton and merino wool layers in colder months and lightweight denim, cotton, linen and seersucker in the hot months.

The only time I dabble in any kind of outlandish style items is when presented with a sweet pair of special edition Nike Dunks. Would love to cop those MF Doom joints someday.

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I mean... common, can you really give me one reason why a guy that spent 500$ on a watch should still be allowed to reproduce ?

Because some people are interested in the craftsmanship that goes into watch making? You're welcome to feel superior and more suitable for mating than these people if it makes you feel better. But movements that require hundreds of tiny parts working in unison are works of art. Not only that, but they can be timeless heirlooms that you pass down for generations.

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Out of the games I've played it's gotta be Spec Ops: The Line.

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I'm excited to play new Metal Gear in a few months, even though the Deja Vu exclusive stuff I'll be playing doesn't look anywhere as good as Jamais Vu. Hopefully there will be some neat little easter eggs for long time fans like myself, but blocky snake and "classic camera angles" don't sound nearly as fun as Metal Gear Rising mixed with Snatcher.

Oh well, I'll buy Jamais Vu later on down the road during a sale or something.

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But don't worry about that camera with built in microphone and facial recognition sitting in your living room. We're all still positive, after reading this article, that using the Kinect to spy on people is still conspiracy theory.

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Cool stuff! Aaaaaand now I'll be playing some New Vegas when I get home tonight.

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Whenever I feeI that way I go back to one of my favorite games of the past and play through it again. Going back and replaying something that you were excited about once upon a time is a cheap and easy way to get back in touch with that feeling.

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Shadows of the Damned

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I clicked on this thread looking forward to some impressions on the Xbox One as I don't have one yet. It's unfortunate that I had to slog through a bunch of filler about the PS4.