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I think I'll roll a warrior on my first playthrough. I want to be able to sample all of the weapons I come across in order to find my favorites to be used for future builds, so I want to have the STR and DEX to do so.

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Nice! Good read Patrick.

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Aren't they trying to go for some kind of story telling wrapped around the multiplayer matches? I'm going to wait and see before I call it "multiplayer only" because I think a lot of games going forward will be blending single and multiplayer together.

Its what made games like Journey and Dark Souls so great. Now you're seeing stuff like Titanfall, Destiny, and The Division taking that concept and applying it to shooters. I actually think its a much more exciting design philosophy than the antiquated idea that there must be two distinct modes.

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I never feel tricked when I buy a game during a Steam sale. Just the opposite in fact when I end up spending any amount of time on a game that costs less than lunch, I consider it money well spent.

I'm all for giving a discount to early adopters, but the idea that your game never again goes on sale seems like a great one if you want to make sure I never buy your game.

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Ads all day son. I love it when podcasters have a little fun reading copy and not taking it too seriously. Scott Aukerman is the king of this but Jeff and Vinny do it right too.

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It looks really fun to play.

Hopefully they tweak some of the presentation aspects. I thought there was too much text being plastered across the screen, and the constant radio chatter was also...too much. The action is already bombastic, I feel like turning all the ancillary stuff up to 11 as well takes away from that a little bit.

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Tablets drank that casual market milkshake while Nintendo wasn't looking.

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Awesome games come out every year, I think some people just forget this during the lean months. Also, in the current video game market excellent indie games come along and surprise people all the time. I think it is shortsighted to take a look at only the announced, full price retail games and say "This year will be mediocre."

Personally, I use this down time to play games on my backlog anyway. There's no need to constantly be looking forward to the next thing. I'm combing through GOTY lists and finding cheap stuff that I missed out on during 2013.

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Windjammers is nearly 20 years old...what kind of moron would vote for that?