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It cracks me up to think about grown men sitting behind their computers typing out things like "lulz" and "internets" with an inflated sense of self worth. What a fucking juxtaposition.

Just don't forget to wipe that Cheeto dust off your keyboard after all that epic winning.

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The big thing I took away from that last scene was the fact that a conversation about Phelps is what led to them stealing the heroin. Sure, knowing Kelso isn't dirty is nice. But the fact that Phelps is a victim of his own success is a far more interesting thought.

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The exploding shurikens were incredibly easy to deal with in the first NG on Xbox.

All you have to do is....block. You can even do it after they stick to you, you'll still take damage but won't go flying.

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The graphics seem a bit rough to me, but I'm still ready for more Twisted Metal.

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This looks really fun. I'm a fan of any game that attempts to do more than shoot guns from the first person perspective.

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Great interviews Alex.

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How can you not love Dead Rising?

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I've been a believer ever since the first trailer months ago, but this game looks better and better every time I see it.

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I rather enjoyed that trailer. Looks different, and fun. DMC definitely needed a new direction, what with 1 and 3 being the only worthwhile games in the series.

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What an amazing ending. I always knew Drew was a psychopath.