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Whenever I feeI that way I go back to one of my favorite games of the past and play through it again. Going back and replaying something that you were excited about once upon a time is a cheap and easy way to get back in touch with that feeling.

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Shadows of the Damned

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I clicked on this thread looking forward to some impressions on the Xbox One as I don't have one yet. It's unfortunate that I had to slog through a bunch of filler about the PS4.

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So...picture in picture? That's cool I guess, not for me though. I'm one of those loons that likes to consume one piece of media at a time instead of dividing my attention.

Besides, all I do now is hit the Source button on my tv remote to go from console input to cable tv input. So I've been switching between video games and television for a few years now with a single button press. I suppose it's neat to be able to talk at it instead and shave a second or two off that down time where my brain isn't being stimulated.

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So...you're lamenting the fact that something wasn't taken away from the consumer? The reason Steam is successful isn't because they block used game sales, it's because they have proper game sales.

If Microsoft wants to join the digital future, they need to price the games competitively like Steam does. It really has nothing to do with allowing used game sales or not. If people can buy a relatively new game from Xbox Live for 5-10 bucks they will drop discs like a bad habit.

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@milkman: Don't get me wrong I love to hammer smash electronics. But do it to the old useless crap, Office Space style. Not on the shiny new box!

I know having shit not work can be rage inducing, but the worst case scenario for you is you send it back to Sony and get a brand new console. Maybe a few months of PS+ for your troubles if you sweet talk the customer service rep. If you get too happy with the hammer now you could jeopardize that option.

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You bashed it with a hammer? Smart.

Judging by this post, you aren't the best at troubleshooting technical problems. I would not recommend a PC for you.

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I've had it on the PS4 since Saturday and had a lot of fun despite the issues. That said, if I could go back in time I would have held off on buying right away because I don't care to support a team that puts out a half broken product without doing their due diligence in the QA department.

I have been buying Battlefield games at release on good faith since BF2, simply because thats what my friends and family like to play. This will be the last time I do that.

It's a fun game, but you'll definitely be playing russian roulette buying it at release. The different platforms seem to have their own unique problems so there's no telling what might happen with the XB1 version.

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Praise the sun!

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@punkxblaze: Haha! Of course we do, who am I kidding?