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I love Frank West, and the Dead Rising series.  This is just stupid though.

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Too bad they didn't do this the first time around.  Better late than never I suppose, I would love to get an updated Jam but I'm not paying more than 15 bucks.

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Bald Max is whack.  

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I like Kenshi a lot.

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Break music brought to you by the Beastie Boys featuring Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

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Hey Japan, we make better games than you now.  You should try some of them.

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I have seen the future of the internet, and it is a magical place filled with flowers and butterflies and beautiful women.

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It seems that every news story, video, and bombcast are loaded with inane comments.  I have a feeling that has to do with the fact that, while many of us are adults, hard core video gaming is still the realm of the childish.  While we can't control the amount of teen wish fulfillment games that get released, we can improve the quality of comments on this site.  Be constructive, and don't feed the trolls.  It's that simple. 
Now I highly doubt this little post of mine will have any effect.  That's fine, I fully expect to continue seeing a lot of stupid/hateful/spam comments. 
It's just a shame that I have to love Giant Bomb despite her community.  

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I'll be willing to give it a try if they take that damn ethnic out of the game and put in a red blooded American soldier....oh wait. 

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You can import your own custom music?  I got the game last night and messed around for an hour, but I only saw an option to use the game's songs.