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Oh my god, I feel like I have to own this.  

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I agree 100% with the original post.  New Vegas is incredible, I don't understand the negative reactions to it.  I save often with multiple slots, so even the occasional bug ends up being funny instead of soul crushing.

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Cass is my favorite of the companions I've used (Boone, Veronica, Lilly, Cass). 
Her Whiskey Rose perk is amazing.  You ignore the effects of alcohol withdrawal, and drinking whiskey specifically provides an added boost to...some combat stat that I am forgetting right now.  Before I met Cass, I hadn't touched a drop of liquor in Fallout.  She corrupted me and I love it. 
It's also fun to have your own whiskey in real life and take a sip every time Cass says "I need a drink." 

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Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.

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This train stops for no man.

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Looks very slick...and expensive.

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Platinum is money, I'll have to keep an eye on this game.

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@Oni: Thanks for the hint.  I agree with TrueEnglishGent.
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$15 is about my limit for downloadable games, but I will not hesitate to buy this.

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The characters, dialogue, and anything else related to the story are laughably bad.  No world map, no NPC's, no exploration.  It is basically run straight down a corridor, watch a cutscene, and fight a few times.  Repeat those three steps in different intervals until you've beaten the game. 
It is a terribly flawed game that I am slogging my way through only because of the music, graphics, and a slight sense of nostalgic duty to beat all of the proper FF releases.  I paid about 20 bucks for the game, so I'm satisfied.  The series has evolved in the wrong way though, there is no denying it.