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I sure would, if the price is right of course.

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Fallout, or any game where choices have consequences, are much more fun when you let go of that instinct to load a save when things don't go as planned.  Let the chips fall where they may.

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That's cool.  Great marketing.

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I've always thought those updates were a cute little distraction.  I had no idea they were updated daily.  That's kinda cool...for another 3 weeks anyway.

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This is my first character, so I don't have any frame of reference to say how much easier it is with a 10 luck.  I do know that I busted my first casino (The Tops) in about 10 minutes. 
I bet max on every hand, and basically what I do is double down on any hand in the 10-13 range.  90% of the time I do this I get 20 or 21.  Every single time I have double downed on 11 I have gotten 21.  Every single time. 
If I don't start with a hand in that 10-13 range, I simply hit until 18.  I lose maybe one hand for every 4 or 5 played.  Easy money.

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It is impossible to lose in Blackjack.  The slots are somewhat forgiving, roulette sucks though.  But blackjack...oh man.  I was doubling down on my splits, hitting on 17 or 18 with no hesitation, and I just could not lose.  It was a push or loss maybe 4 or 5 times out of roughly 20 hands.  
After that, I celebrated by going to the Silver Rush, popped a stealth boy and robbed the place blind.  I kept a few choice items and sold the rest of the stolen goods back to the store.

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3 solid minutes of Drew.  Fuck yeah.

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Good stuff.   
Next time feel free to take some editorial liberties and remove the caps from any user lists.  I didn't even bother reading that one from the juggalo.

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I also noticed a lack of vehicles if you aren't playing Phu Bai Valley.  Other than that minor complaint I am having a blast with Vietnam.

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800 points is as high as I go for map packs.  I guess I'll be trading the game in come February.