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This seems downright impossible.  I'm going to give it a try though.

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I actually still prefer discs where I can get them, but I'll take digital only if that is what's available.  I have been browsing iTunes and was surprised at how much they had.  That's been my only resource for the most part, but there are a lot of soundtracks I want that aren't available on iTunes.

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The topic is pretty self-explanatory.   
I would like to have legitimate copies of some of my favorite games' music.  Some of these are hard to come by and/or too expensive.  I was just wondering if there might be a really good resource out there that I'm missing.

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Waiting for a price drop.

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I'm at 39% complete with a little more than 17 hours of play time.  I would not call that short.

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Cool, I'm always down for free games.

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I hope one of those games is Brutal Legend Remix.  Remove the bad RTS gameplay and just make it an open world Zelda/GTA type joint.  I wanted to like that game so badly, what a shame.

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This looks worse than the original to me just in terms of graphical fidelity.

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I'd love to see a Call of Duty MMO without the people responsible for making CoD good involved.  It wouldn't even be an MMO, but rather pay to play FPS.  That coupled with Activision pumping out 2 Call of Duty's a year would surely mark the beginning of the end for that shit bag Kotick.  
They'll oversaturate their own market just like Guitar Hero and Bobby will be forced into seppuku.

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Real recognize real, and Giant Bomb is looking familiar.