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The lack of online co-op is severely disappointing.  It's 2010, and for $60 a year now Microsoft needs to implement some type of control to require certain basic features.  I can play online co-op in fucking Streets of Rage 2. 
It's lazy, and I feel bad for recommending this game to my brother, thinking we would be able to play it together.  Silly me for not doing my research and assuming the MULTIPLAYER CO-OP was online.  Still a decent game though, worth about 400 points.

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Looks cool.

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I'd rather have remakes of the older 2D Oddworld games, but this is welcome news.

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I hate the name Game Feast.  Someone needs to work on that.

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Cool, good news for PS3 only people.  ME2 is amazing.

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So I've had this game for a few months now, and I've logged roughly 20 hours into the single player.  I was playing last night and I saw something for the first time: 
Some random guy was riding towards me on his horse when he unexpectedly jumped off and started running toward me.  I was just about to blow his head off when I realized he wasn't running at me, but to a huge rock on the side of the road.  Once he got there, he unzipped his pants and started taking a piss on said rock.  He even let out a sigh of relief as he was doing this.  Then he walked back to his horse, hopped on, and kept on riding.  Pretty funny stuff.
Just wandering if anyone else either saw this happen, or any other random behavior from the NPCs that wasn't a bug.

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I was hoping for a new System Shock, but this works.  

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They are starting to stretch the GoW franchise a little too thin for my taste.

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This seems downright impossible.  I'm going to give it a try though.

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I actually still prefer discs where I can get them, but I'll take digital only if that is what's available.  I have been browsing iTunes and was surprised at how much they had.  That's been my only resource for the most part, but there are a lot of soundtracks I want that aren't available on iTunes.