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I'm definitely going to get Portal 2, but I'm still hesitant to drop full game price for it.  The first game spoiled me.

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Sweet I actually got it.  Sorry guys.

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I worked at a Best Buy when the PS2 was released.  The night before I was closing, and when I left at around 9pm there was a line of 5 people waiting.  Me and a friend that also worked there walked straight from the building to the line.  So I'm wearing my BB uniform.   
As the night goes on the line gets close to 100 people or so.  We've been drinking.  And eating Taco Bell.  I was 18, and inexperienced in the ways of alcohol.  So, naturally, I am chugging beer bongs with the guy from loss prevention.  A few seconds later, I threw up right in front of the entrance to the store.  The line of people start to circle around me, and many of them start taking pictures.  So, me in my blue BB shirt and the LP guy in his yellow shirt, start posing for the cameras.  He's holding the funnel while I hold my fist in the air in triumph, puke all over my shirt. 
To top it all off, the managers come in early the next morning with donuts and coffee for the customers.  The first one on scene gets to the doors, and lets out a "WHAT THE FUCK!?" when he sees my puke everywhere.  Someone ratted me out, the manager said I would mop it up when I went back on shift later that day, and the day went on without event. 
I never cleaned the puke, and it baked in the sun and stained the concrete in front of the door for a good 3 or 4 months. And that's all I've got.

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The lack of online co-op is severely disappointing.  It's 2010, and for $60 a year now Microsoft needs to implement some type of control to require certain basic features.  I can play online co-op in fucking Streets of Rage 2. 
It's lazy, and I feel bad for recommending this game to my brother, thinking we would be able to play it together.  Silly me for not doing my research and assuming the MULTIPLAYER CO-OP was online.  Still a decent game though, worth about 400 points.

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Looks cool.

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I'd rather have remakes of the older 2D Oddworld games, but this is welcome news.

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I hate the name Game Feast.  Someone needs to work on that.

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Cool, good news for PS3 only people.  ME2 is amazing.

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So I've had this game for a few months now, and I've logged roughly 20 hours into the single player.  I was playing last night and I saw something for the first time: 
Some random guy was riding towards me on his horse when he unexpectedly jumped off and started running toward me.  I was just about to blow his head off when I realized he wasn't running at me, but to a huge rock on the side of the road.  Once he got there, he unzipped his pants and started taking a piss on said rock.  He even let out a sigh of relief as he was doing this.  Then he walked back to his horse, hopped on, and kept on riding.  Pretty funny stuff.
Just wandering if anyone else either saw this happen, or any other random behavior from the NPCs that wasn't a bug.