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This looks worse than the original to me just in terms of graphical fidelity.

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I'd love to see a Call of Duty MMO without the people responsible for making CoD good involved.  It wouldn't even be an MMO, but rather pay to play FPS.  That coupled with Activision pumping out 2 Call of Duty's a year would surely mark the beginning of the end for that shit bag Kotick.  
They'll oversaturate their own market just like Guitar Hero and Bobby will be forced into seppuku.

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Real recognize real, and Giant Bomb is looking familiar.

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I thought it looked pretty cool.  Haters gonna hate, and Reach will end up being one of the best shooters of the year.

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I stopped listening because that girl was too annoying.  Giant Bomb community 1, stupid bitch 0

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Oooooh shit!

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I had no idea this was possible until I did it last night.  Marked three guys and pressed Y for the insta-kill.  One of said guys was right in front of me, facing the opposite direction.  Sam shoots the guy's two friends, and proceeds to melee kill the guy closest to me in slow mo.  And yes, doing this gave me another execute. 
This is probably old news, but I was pretty excited about the whole thing.  Mind.  Blown.

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Jeff Gerstmann's review of this review is the only review that matters.

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You can't stop T. Hawk, you can only hope to contain him.  But seriously, I've been trying to get good with him so if you want to practice against T. Hawk and you play on PS3 hit me up.
PSN - shrapnade