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Please add me.  Gamertag: yothatsmyjam

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I love using the smoke grenades.  They are effective in so many different situations.  I'll fire one off if a teammate or I am pinned down, or smoke a tank out of position, lay them down to advance in sniper territory, etc.  But most of the time I use them for attacking/defending flags and mcomm stations.   
I didn't know you could kill someone with a direct hit, I'll keep that in mind.  Bottom line, making the switch to smoke nades made me a better assault class player.

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Battlefield rules

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Nice ending.

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After the boring and bland XII I don't expect much out of Final Fantasy anymore.  I'll probably rent XIII at some point in the future, but gone are the days when I buy a FF game on day one.  Too bad, it was a good run.

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  Everything RE5 tries to do, RE4 did it better.  Except for the co-op, which is great with another human and terrible with the idiotic AI.  I don't think it sucks, but rather I find it average and uninspired.    

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I used to pirate music all the time, but never felt bad about it since I would always buy the stuff I liked.  I modded my PS1 back in the day to play Thrill Kill.  An ex girlfriend's dad was a pretty big PC game pirate and he would burn some stuff for me. 
But I haven't pirated anything for a long time.  It got to be too much work and I use stuff like gamefly and last.fm to try before I buy.