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That sucks guys, part of the "fun" of a console launch. I wish you all good luck in your customer service interactions. If you remain polite through the whole thing and at the right time in the conversation insist on some kind of recompense for your time and the inconvenience, you might be able to score some codes for PS+ or something for your troubles.

My console is working fine but this thread had me going over my PS4 with a flashlight just in case.

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Had a hell of a time starting the initial setup at 530pm eastern. I was able to download the update but signing on to PSN wasn't happening. Went and took a nap, and just now I was able to get through the PSN setup/game downloads smoothly without network errors.

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What do you want, a confetti cloud to the face when you open it up? Having grand expectations to be entertained by opening a fucking box is a hilarious concept to me.

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Got a shipping confirmation from Amazon late last night. That bad boy is in transit and just departed a city about 200 miles from my current location.

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If Dark Souls fans need other people to like Dark Souls to validate themselves, then Dark Souls must not really be that good.

Or perhaps none of what you said here has any relevance to the quality of the game.

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It's unfortunate Knack is getting panned across the board.

A console launch is a nice time to have a traditional character platformer kind of game available...like say perhaps a new Ratchet and Clank game. Poor planning on Sony's part to have that release on PS3 the same week as their new console. Too bad they can't go back in time, cancel Knack, and throw a bit of cash at Insomniac to have that shit ready for the PS4 launch.

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Dark Souls is the game of the generation for me. The road to victory starts here!

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@mariachimacabre: Same here. I wonder if one could use the $10 credit towards buying PS+ on the online store after the trail is up?

Nevermind, just noticed @bane122 's post. I'll definitely try to jump on that $30 at Gamestop. Thanks dude.

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Isn't the PS4 around 50% more powerful than the XB1 while having a similar x86 architecture? If that's still the case, is it any surprise that games might look and perform better on PS4?

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This guy knows the score. My favorite is strawberry jam, creamy peanut butter on wheat bread. Then from there you just pretend it's a grilled cheese sandwich with a little bit of butter on each outward facing slice of bread and pan sear for a minute or two on each side.