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Alright, I set up a server on an VPS in US-EAST 
The IP is 
And I really need to go to bed so I'll try and set up another admin so you can at least change maps and such.

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Originally I was going to bed, then I started messing around with AWS... 
Anyway, trying to set up a UT2k4 on a free micro instance located in us-east 
if that doesn't work I'll just get a standard instance, it'll only be like $14 or so for the week anyway.

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@Finstern: gog.com sells it for $10

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I'll join in as well. Need to get in some practice.

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Since they are not localizing and only releasing digitally I'm baffled that they aren't putting this out in Europe as well.

It carries literally no risk.
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People should be pissed off at Sony, since they are so far the only party that we know did something wrong.
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@Fram: No, and with the internet the way it is it's hard doing anything about it. 
However, you could try a free VPN service, which might give you faster speeds since the packets would take another route but any free VPN I've ever used are, for obvious reasons, overloaded. 
Still probably worth a shot.
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It would be amazing if they just included two steel balls aswell.

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@l4wd0g said:
" @test0r said:

" ID was conjured up by religious people who'd like religion to be taught in schools.  You can believe in creation and evolution, you can't believe in ID and evolution.    Oh, and I don't believe in ID, or god for that matter. "

Sure you can. There is micro and macro evolution. I believe in micro evolution and creation.  "
I find it hilarious that your bio says you "like to think, question and think some more". 
Anyway, if you ever found proof of so called macro evolution it would disprove evolution. 
All evolution is micro evolution magnified by millions and millions of years. 
It's sort of watching your kids grow up, you will not notice the individual changes in them, but if you suddenly look at a 10 year old photo they look completely different.  
I won't even bother replying to your insane comment about DNA being proof of ID, that argument has been debunked so often I won't bother doing it again. 
Also, spouting statistics like that doesn't serve a purpose since evolution isn't random.
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It's probaly a hickup to one of the edge servers. 
Post a traceroute to media.giantbomb.com and smedia.giantbomb.com, you do this by running cmd.exe (just type it into the search bar on the start menu), a black window will open. 
In it type tracert media.giantbomb.com & tracert smedia.giantbomb.com 
What you should see is something like this: 
 Dont worry about the text, look at the ms values to the left, as you can see it's a fairly even increase until it hits the last server and there aren't too many jumps.  
 If, however, one of the ms values shot up to, in my case, 220 or so, it would indicate that that server might be overloaded. Which would explain why it's not working. 
Also, there isn't a single server that everyone is using, Whiskey Media is paying Amazon for use of their CDN service, which should, in theory, allow anyone in the world to be able to access their videos from servers that are nearby and fast.