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just send a request
Bungie Name: Tetharion
not sure yet if I'm going to play the PS4 or XB1 version, going to try the beta for both.

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@aurahack: really nice work :)

but small typo in the Ubi one (Briefing)

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That's a classy resignation letter. Accepting the responsibility of EA's fiscal woes with certain projects rather than pointing the finger elsewhere is pleasantly surprising, given the way we as a society tend to point the finger anywhere but at ourselves.

agreed, you don't see that very often

well, let's see how it goes from here...

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@periahdark: yeah, same here

a lot of countries haven't switched to summer time yet, coming up times are one hour off for those (it shows 12:30 AM for the new releases show for me, as an example. when it starts at 11:30 PM)

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@mcain99: it will have a 6x Blu ray drive. full specs here: http://www.scei.co.jp/corporate/release/pdf/130221a_e.pdf

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you can find the same code on the CoD website, for example

It's an activision thing, nothing more :)

EDIT: this one is even funnier

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HDMI-out, android, hackable, wifi, small, even comes with a controller... yep, I'm going to buy that instead of an appletv :)

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