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lol yeah there are a lot of useless items in Dead Rising.

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Thought it would be fun if we collectively thought of some useless items.

Ones that come to my mind:

Casey's Bat from Earthbound

Almost everything in Elder Scrolls games, haha

1-ups in the newer mario games

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Yeah i'm thinking of all prevalent side games within games too, like Pazaak, Caravan for Fallout New Vegas, ALL That stuff. 
Everything people have said so far is really good and I hadn't thought of.

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Yeah I just remembered about Black Ops, it also has that Dead Ops Arcade thing too which is good too.  
Good Call on the Geometry wars I totally forgot about that!
Excitebike had it's original too. 
I might even consider entire Golden Saucer from FF7  too... it's just a bunch of side game-esk stuff.

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As the title suggests I was thinking of games that had other games within them or really addicted side-games (mini-games)
Stuff like Mystical Ninja i'm pretty sure had gradius  
FF8 has that addictive card game minigame
Donkey Kong 64 has the original DK  actually in it.
Just wanted to know if you guys could think of more games that did this and WHAT was the thing it had.

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Let me elaborate, I was wondering if you guys can recall games where you could just get plain stuck, not because of difficulty, but because you missed one specific thing, or did something wrong the first time, but it would take you ages to figure out because you'd have to backtrack forever.
I'll start 
1) King's Quest 5: if you feed the eagle the pie instead of the haunch of meat, you can't complete the game. 
2) In Earthbound you have to search out and invest in the Orange / Apple kids to progress further in the game. But if you were already at the Statue of the Pencil , you'd have to backtrack a lot to figure out what you did wrong/how to progress.
3) The Water Temple in Ocarina of time, finding those damn keys that are hidden in weird places, wandering around for hours.   
any other ideas?

#7 Posted by TFG (52 posts) -

OR also anyone know some great remix artists? I've been listening to a bunch of Halc recently and he is awesome. 
I totally love that FF8 opening to Thrice. 
and i've never played Jet Set Radio before, but i think i'll listen to some stuff from it soon.

#8 Posted by TFG (52 posts) -

I recently just finished a video compiling my top 20 snes songs of all time, In video form.  It's two parts, it took me quite a while, but it was a lot of fun. It got me thinking how much more music I should have on my hard drive that I just don't. 
So my question is, what is your favorite piece of music from a video game?
Here is my video if you guys are interested:

#9 Posted by TFG (52 posts) -  
 Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a countdown video! I've already learned quite a bit in the couple weeks i've been working on videos. But also just from finishing this one, I've already got a good amount of constructive criticism from some friends, mainly to try and read a little more pronounced and not so scripted, and I agree to that, and it's something i'm going to do for the next part, since i'm not a partner I only have 15 minutes to work with, which I don't think would be enough time to do a solid entry for each game.
#10 Posted by TFG (52 posts) -

Yeah now that i've had a chance to look at most of this everyone has some pretty unique and interesting vids.

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