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Can't find either club in the search. What are the tags? Seems like it's easier/better to search on tag than name.

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@joshwent said:
Can't kill monsters if your beard ain't right.

Preach it!

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@dr_beaverah: I think the podcast does not hit the Premium stream unless they specifically have ads on the podcast that they have removed in order to be a "premium" podcast. I could be wrong, someone on staff might clarify.

There are ads on the 10/21 Bombacast. Still no sign of the Premium version in the feeds. Bummer.

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I want a full story. I don't buy games without stories at full price.

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As someone that only owns the PS4, and not an Xbox One I think you should go for the one that you are more likely to play with your friends. Sounds like Xbox One to me. Most of my friends don't have either system, so the content was a bigger factor in my decision.

As to your second question, this game feels great playing with random people so far. YMMV.

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My PSN is CaliDuder and my Bungie name is TGammet.

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I've never played any of the Shadowrun games before. I'm loving the setting and look of everything. I don't like the lack of save options, but otherwise I like it.