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Running 7, will upgrade to 10.

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Could be fucked if there was a power surge and it wasn't connected to a surg protector. Honestly doesn't take much to fry a cheap PSU. Seen this happen on hundreds of devices. Try giving the console a firm back hand and plug it back in, sounds stupid, but occasionally works.

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I've been playing on an og 3ds and haven't had any issues, I will just wait until the Wii U version instead of trading up to an XL when the new one is around the corner. I find it annoying to hold the og 3ds for a long period of time so I normally play it while it's in the charging cradle that came with it since I have massive hands. I do wish I had a bigger screen though.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the Frozen puzzle game for mobile. I haven't had much time for games in 2014. Looking forward to buying GTA V for XBONE and PC when they come out. Haven't played shit on my XBONE aside from Netflix. The only thing that I am looking forward to in terms of gaming is Fallout 4.

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Well fuck you Nintendo....

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I just want GTA V to come out on PC and Fallout 4 to come out.

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Bring back Dave and get Jeff Green.

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Sim City and Battlefield 4 were probably the worst purchases I have made. Forza 5 also pissed me off. Between work, girlfriend, friends I don't have much time to play games and often don't have the energy to really get into a game like I have in the past. I don't want to rank up to get shit, I don't care about progression. Just give me a game with all the content from the start that works and isn't full of fucking bullshit network issues.

Fuck you EA. I am done with you.

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Cancelled my XBONE pre-order. Forza is the only game I really wanted. I will just drive my Evo around IRL to supplement the lack of Forza in my life. Other than that there is nothing that I can't play on my PC that I can't get on consoles.

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Playing with random people sucks. I had a really great time when I was able to play with a few friends for a couple of hours. Aside from that I have had 2 of my characters deleted and frequent connection errors.

When Rockstar finally gets their shit together and the editor is released I see myself having a hell of a good time with GTA Online.