Devblog 2

I've done some more pretty cool stuff on the game in the last weekend. I've implemented 4 player multiplayer, multiple levels, moving enemies and crazy bulletpatterns. I'd say thats quite a lot for a weekend! The game is pretty retro, and each level starts by enemies moving into place and then start to spray bullets all over the place. Some enemies work as a shield for the shooting enemies and since you can only shoot straight up, you have to penetrate the blockade to get to the shooting enemies, without getting shot of course! Once all enemies are dead you move on to the next level. Oh and I almost forgot, there are loads of powerups! I'm having some trouble though. If you shoot all enemies that shoot back first, you end up with a lot of enemies left that just stand there and do nothing. It feels pretty pointless to kill them all when they aren't returning fire. And I can't have ALL enemies fire, that would make the game insanely hard. I'll figure something out, suggestions anyone? :D  
Here's another picture of some new enemies firing bullets at me!: 


New game in progress

Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since I last blogged here but I've been very busy in school finishing up for the summer.  About 3 days ago I started making a new game that I intend to release this summer on Xbox Live Indie Games. It does not yet have a name, It's actually not even a game yet, more of a glorified tech demo. Even so, I thought I'll give a first look on it and perhaps get some response? :P Giant bombers are after all a very good an honest crowd of people!  
The game is a retro shooter on steroids!  I've been on it for only about 3 days so it is no where near complete. I've just focused on making the game engine and optimizing it for the 360.  
Here's a pic of my and my friends stress testing the engine. It can handle A LOT more than this. On a one minute test I managed to spawn 0.8 million particles, kill 11 thousand enemies with over 44 thousand bullets! Needless to say, it's very fast! 


I'm making a video game. Anyone have ideas?

So Dream Build Play is an anual competition for XNA developers for Xbox 360. I entered last year and failed bad.
This time I'm not going to repeat the mistake of making a crappy game, but instead make a funny one. I know kind of what I want to do. The basic stuff I have figured out is that it's going to be a sidescrolling platformer (how original!) and it's going to be based on physics. Weapons are key, as is gore and violence. However, it would be nice if anyone had any idea of how to make it more interesting? Any ideas are appreciated and if your idea is a good one, then I will steal it! :P  
Anything ideas are welcome, and thanks!


Rive - Indie shooter new video of gameplay.

I recorded when I played a level of the game I'm making "Rive" and here's a video of it. The quality is really bad because my internet connection sucks so it would have taken ages to upload otherwise. (If you ever move to Sweden don't buy broadband from Telia, they totally rip you off)
Here it is...


Introducing "Rive" (XBLIG-game)

The last two months I have been making a vertical shoot 'em up for the indie games section on xbox live.  It will have 4 player local support (no networking at all) and will feature many levels, right now it looks like it's going to be around 14 different levels. Players can jump in whenever they want in the game. There is also a levelsystem that will be reset every time you die, and every time you level up your weapons will get upgraded. Here's an early pic from the game as it looks right now. But it will change a lot until it's being released, which by the way will be sometime before the end of the year. 


We need characters

Ok, so help me if I'm not motivated, but honestly: Swedish winter sucks soooo hard. I just want summer to be here so bad. Anyways I've been working on some characters and the gameEngine lately and I will probably post some images in a couple of weeks. Please bare with me because making a game all by yourself takes a lot of time. I'm also studiyng 100% on the side of this so there's really no surprise if this takes longer time than expected. Sorry for the delay.


Regarding my new XNA project

In the beginning we create the fundamentals of the future!

I am currently in the making of a new game that is going under the working title "The Slaughter". I'm just in the beginning phase of this new game engine that will be based on James Silvias book "Building XNA 2. 0 Games A Practical Guide for Independent Game Development"(2008).

About the game

The story of the game is going to be like this: You are a hero! There are enemies that hate you! Slaughter them!
That's basicly all you need to know. And since it is built in a similar way to The Dishwasher(by James Silvia), this to will be a side scrolling 2D game with Epic gameplay! Altough I really suck at drawing so we'll see how that works out.

Anyway I did some concept art for the game and this image is of our hero that is so much hated by the enemies:

Well that's it for now, I will post again when I've updated the project.
If you are interested in knowing more about the game contact me at: