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It's pretty sad. I've been developing with xna for almost 4 years now. Kind of breaks my heart a little. The community is great and the developers using xna are great people. Maybe this is the start of the end of xna, maybe not. Still sad...

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  • PC - 10%
  • Xbox 360 - 90%
  • Wii - 0%
Damn I hate that Wii thingy taking up space in my room!
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@Korne said:
" If they aren't working on optimizing the game for intigrated graphics cards, I doubt they will touch XBLA "
It's made using XNA so they don't have to give a damn about graphics cards...
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If anything, the free ones has convinced me not to subscribe. They're pretty bad. If it was free, then OK, but to pay for looking at a bunch of guys drinking and solving a rubix cube? No way. The only cool thing is when they show the Bastion or whatever the name is.

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When I was in NY before the ferry to liberty island a woman actually sent a dog through the x-ray scanner in the security. That was funny, the guards were like NO NO NO no no ... aaaawwhhh ... And everyone in the area laughed as the woman started crying! And it was the best day ever!

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First Battlefield to have single player. Exciting!

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I get where you're coming from with this. It's like every game that isn't perfect in every way is just "janky" or crap and thrown away immediately. It's a matter of taste and sometimes they don't give games a chance.

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@Underachiever007 said:
" @TheSeductiveMoose said:

" @pwnasaurus said:

" @RE_Player92 said:

" I prefer Spider Man... "
: / "
>:/ "
D:< "
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Having autism doesn't make it impossible to cheat now does it? So why not wait for some confirmation on that before judging MS. They're not likely to do that kind of thing without a reason.

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Crashed on me twice on the loading screen, I won't give it a third chance...