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Yeah, I have a bunch of these too. Here you go, anyone.





I expect you to watch at least 46 hours worth of anime with one of these 48 hour codes. Don't let me down.

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I just finished the 2014 Fate/Stay Night. I feel like the first two episodes were amazing and then the pacing really fell off for the rest of the season. At this rate they are going to need like 8 more seasons to finish the story. I don't know if I'll continue with the series if season 2 doesn't put some pep in it's step. I can't deal with long, overly drawn out anime.

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@brackstone: IGN reviewed the PC version along with the PS4. They said "On the PC side Mordor also compares to the Batman games, in that it’s of good quality. There are even some enhanced graphics settings, including an ultra-high texture setting that requires a full 6GB of video memory. My only issue with it is some awkward menu controls, but most of those are customizable and those that aren’t aren’t too inconvenient to get used to." in their little section on the PC version in the review. Also I watched a live stream during Nvidia's Game24 event where they showed off the PC version for the first time. Doesn't seem like it's riddled with any of the issues we've been seeing from the likes of Ubisoft and Capcom on recent PC releases. They said in the live stream that they have had a big focus on PC development from the start too. And Monolith has always been really good about making sure their PC games are up to par. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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360/PS3 will be coming later and missing some features with the Nemesis system. PS4/One will be the same as PC in terms of features and gameplay as far as I've seen. The graphical differences will be there though. The PC even has an extra texture pack you can download if you have the system capable to run it. There is no multiplayer but there will be leaderboards for the challenges and such. If you care about competing with other console users for score I guess that's something in the PS4/One's favor for you. All of my friends are on PC at this point anyway so that part doesn't affect me. PC all the way!

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@psychopenguin: Can confirm. Typed in Nolan North and Chrome asked me if I wanted to kill the page.

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Basically you are just hitting a dry spell. Right now I had a 10 game loss streak, then two wins and now I'm in a 5 game loss streak. It happens. It's happened quite a few times over the 1500 or so matches I've played. The game does try to match you with people around your skill level. There was an update a while ago that made it so you can't see other players stats unless they have selected "share match history" in their options. That's why you can't see info in those players profiles. Not because they haven't played enough games.

Contrary to popular belief, unranked still uses an MMR to match players. It's not the same MMR that you use in ranked and it's hidden, but it's always been how dota matches players. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into fights during games because someone think they are so much better than me and I "must be at 1k MMR" and "why do I always get matched with low tier players" and I'm like "Dude... we have to be at a similar MMR to be playing together. You do realize this, right?" And they are adamant that MMR is only for ranked and unranked is COMPLETELY RANDOM which would make NO SENSE.

Sorry for the rant there. Anyway, Dota 2 doesn't FORCE a 50% win rate. It's just how it ends up most of the time with the way MMR works. You win, you go up in MMR. You play against people that are better and you lose and MMR goes down. Then you start winning more again. Just kinda works out that way. It was actually proven by a player that the 50% winrate isn't forced on people. He was a ~5k MMR player who got a new account with 2k MMR. He basically got the 2k MMR account back up to 5k without much issue. Just by playing better and winning all the time.

Just stick with it for a while and I'm sure you will start pulling out those victories again. Don't take the loss streaks too hard. I know they can be disheartening. Trust me. But I think they can be good too. You don't always have to play so hard for that win. When I hit that 10th loss in a row the other day I kind of didn't care at that point. I was just playing to have fun. I was playing heroes that I'm not great at. Trying things that I wouldn't usually do. It was therapeutic. There wasn't as much stress put on me to play at my peak. I was just rolling with the losses. As long as you are having a good time, it's all good, you know?

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It was a good month but nothing will beat the old Whiskey Media days.

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I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 650s and a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900s that I absolutely love. I use them for different things. The HD 650s are my more all around headphones. The Pro 900s are considered the bass kings, so I use them with electronic music and action-y movies or games. I got them both for way under MSRP over at the head-fi for sale/trade forum. Definitely check that place for whatever you choose to buy. The people really care about thier audio equipment so the product is sure to be in good condition and you can find some amazing deals.