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Ah I get it now, you're just a silly little illiterate 9 year old.

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Geoff Keighley

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This fucking guy... smug cocky son of a bitch.

Patrick klepek feminism articles are quite tiresome, but he's so darn cute I can't stay mad.

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@shiggity_shwa said:

Your description of a woman who gets custody of her child is a "lousy golddigger" that "just wants money." I agree one hundred percent that unworthy people should not get custody of their child over a better candidate, but surely you can see how your jumping to the conclusion that all these women are selfish golddiggers is unfair, biased, and sexist. I'm not sure where you're getting your information on this, either. Maybe I'm an optimist, but I simply cannot believe that the majority of women divorcees are golddiggers, or unworthy parents. Even if this WERE the case, you're still proving my point that the assumption is that women are natural child rearers, and therefore get custody, even if it's not the right decision for the child. You're proving my point that patriarchy damages, absolutely.

Your second point is that A) It's ok to presume women are natural caregivers (it isn't), and B) Men should therefore be presumed to be better businessmen (they already are). Again, you're making incredibly sexist arguments, and proving my point, perfectly.

I don't need you to cite your sources, but you can't throw out blatantly incorrect statements, such as, "Women are employed more than men" without offering some kind of evidence. You pulled that statement out of your ass, it was wrong, and I called you out on it.

My journeys through university libraries have yet to yield row upon row of thesis' on the plight of the man. Usually, people will write their thesis based on facts, information, and provable concepts. While I am certain people have written their thesis on how much better they feel women have it than men (sometimes people like to take the opposite side of an argument to try and wrangle up interest), this is far from proof that women have it great, and men have the short end of the stick.

Your opinion on domestic violence is apt; all domestic violence is wrong. However, you added that percentages don't matter. I take issue with this concept on the sole basis that over 99% of spousal abuse is man on women violence. If it were closer to 50/50, or even the stupid "1 in 3 are women on man violence" lie Rush Limbaugh has somehow perpetrated, I might be more inclined to agree that the stats aren't important.

The issue here is men. Men can't seem to take responsibility for our own gender. Violent crimes. Rape. Abuse. Prejudice. Racism. Sexism. Gun deaths. Thefts. Drug dealing. Pimping. These, and many others, are by and large the crimes of men. There is CLEARLY something wrong with the way men are relating to the world around them. Why can't we just accept that, address the issue, and move on? Why do we have to deal with men constantly complaining about how "well" women have it, while they themselves are STILL the common element in a VAST quantity of todays issues? (Perfect example: blaming rape victims for being raped. This works under the assumption that men just RAPE, and we can't be held responsible for RAPING another HUMAN BEING, because it's just what we do! "She shouldn't have worn an attractive outfit at a BAR! How could I NOT rape her?!")

You, my friend, are a perfect example of this. You can't see the forest for the trees. You're so caught up in trying to feel bad for yourself, that you can't see reality for what it is. Personally, I think the most threatening epidemic in modern society is ignorance. Ignorance has become far too acceptable, and we are seeing the effects of it in your statements.

Seriously. You're a man. You're fine. No one is going to take away your rights. No one is going to make life hell for you. If anything, things are just going to get better and better for you, because (and here's the kicker) almost all major decision makers in this world are MEN.

TL;DR everything is the fault of men!

Why don't you castrate yourself if you hate your own sex so much.

Btw about the part i bolded. here's a little source to show you how much you're speaking out of your selfhating ass.

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ahaha patrick you're the reason i'm going to take giantbomb out of my adblock filter.

"I think the statue was gross simply because it was a human torso. This article was simply extended posts from women who had tweeted their disapproval. There are no contrary opinions from either men or other women. It offers nothing new and is just patting oneself on the back."
"This just screams "I needed justification for my outrage so I gathered up a handful of women's responses and regurgitated it on my LiveJour- I mean Giantbomb's front page.""

"Well if I wanna learn more about the topic, I'd much prefer having articles that tackle both sides of the coin, and aren't sensationalist.

Why isn't there at least one argument that's from the other side of the statue debacle in this article? I'm sure myself and others would like to hear from the other side as well."

etc. etc.

Faux-journalism at its best.

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This news is glorious!