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Sorry didn't mean to spam, yeah I came across this as I'm also doing a Masters in the same field! We should collaborate and try to reproduce these results on windjammers!

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Is there a link on twitch for this years pax panel? Did they even make it there with the flight trouble?

All I found was the cards against humanity vid with Jeff.

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This is really sad, I felt like I knew him, have been reading/watchin/listening to him for over 10 years.

I'm not ashamed to say I'm crying.

This might be the worst time to say this, as I don't even know the details of what happened yet, but I have a hunch, and maybe they're is a chance others reading this right now will be impacted and perhaps take action for the better.

When the Kinect first came out and Ryan had to go the hospital for a week after demoing the child fitness games it should have been clear getting healthier should become a top priority.

Those endless energy drinks/candies from the mailbags (high fructose corn syrup in general), leading a sedentary lifestyle and frequently drinking alcohol will kill you. I admire the people at the sites dedication to their jobs but your personal health is much more important. I could have dealt with a bit less content during the week if the crew wanted to take a long lunch break and go to the gym or a run/walk outside.

My condolensces to the crew and Ryan's family. Ryan made a big impact on many people's lives and his optimism, sense of humour and positive nature certainly brightened my day on many occasions over the past decade.

It's hard to believe this happened GiantBomb will never be the same... :(

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should be in an email titled "Your GameSpot Total Access code" check your spam folder. Got mine Apr 23rd. It didn't actually work the first time around but I tried it a week later and got in. Have to admit these last couple of weeks have been pretty barren on the site though...

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Yeah I think the audio server is broke, if I go to any other server I hear music but giantbomb official classic rarely seems to get music to play. Is there something wrong with the audio server if so how can we fix it? Whats a good resource to read up on how the audio server works?

Awesome game though, I don't even like racing games usually, thanks for setting this up!

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yeah no more than 10h unless you get really stuck

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hey drozzy,   
I definitely agree, if they aren't using mod page_speed they should start asap. The downloaded scripts are bigger than the images for example and gzip would fix that. Though if you look closely at the culprits here in the resource inspector slow page rendering may also have something to do with the usual tcp-ip handshaking issues on modern day operating systems. Since there are so many different types of media and parallel server requests to many different locations involved on loading a giantbomb page, the problem is compounded severely. (in my opinion these pages are perhaps a little overly complex)
try this it helped me.  
1.     Leatrix tcp Latency Fix 
This is good in general for gaming as well as for web browsing. 
on a mac you simply type: 
sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0  
to test it out. 
then if you like it, edit your  
  "/etc/sysctl.conf" file to make it permanent by adding the following line at the bottom. net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0 
There is also a windows version accompanied by an explanation of how this works: 
Then also add adblock plus to whatever browser you use, wasn't sure if you were on chrome or safari there. (The pic you uploaded is gone.)
Anyway, a good idea to improve speed is to filter out google-analytics and facebook connect, not only is this extra javascript downloaded on most community based sites you visit but the scripts take a long time to run as well.   
custom filter rules in adblock plus: 



Do this and I guarantee you will notice major page loading improvements on any site you visit.    (you will enjoy increased privacy and the tcp-ip fix is amazing for game latency as well) 
Good Luck

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yeah but it's still a step in the right direction. finally.