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@wacomole: Naw, if you buy it on the website it will still be in your download list when you get a ps4 and will be able to re-download it to your hearts content. Everybody needs to do it now even if they own nothing Playstation since it will probably never be released again.

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First off Blitzball is impossible. Balls just wont move underwater like that no matter how hard you kick them from underwater and they never explain how the huge sphere of water is even possible nor how the characters are able to hold their breaths for several minutes at a time. I know that there are people who can hold their breath underwater for like 20 minutes or whatever but those people aren't playing freaking rugby while doing so.

That and they advertise the game in the intro as some cool fast paced, adrenaline pumping, extreme sport while the actual game version is just a bore. You spend the whole time managing numbers and numbers and what's actually happening on screen barely matters as long as your boring ass numbers line up right. It's like playing an mmo but without any possible entertainment or benefit of an mmo. Madness.

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Ghost in the Shell 2nd GiG (doesn't have the awful video game looking clothes), Sword of the Stranger, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kinos Journey, Baccano!, Attack on Titan seems to be popular with the kids nowadays but I don't know if Dan could get over Erens utter insanity and psychopathic tendencies that seem to go unnoticed by all the other characters. Oh, and Haibane Renmei of course; I'm not sure he would be into that kind of thing but its anime not video games it doesn't always have to be violent, over the top, stupid, utterly shameless, and embarrassing to admit liking shonen stuff right? Unlike wrestling which totally has none of those things and it's american so it's ok to put more effort into understanding it I guess.

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David Cage was given the National Order of the Legion of Honor (Frances highest declaration) for his contribution to the medium of video games. Miyamoto, the creator of Donkey Kong, Mario, and the Legend of Zelda, was given a lesser award for his contributions. Just thought you'd want to know.

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@firecracker22: Celebrities get paid to tweet about their cars and shoes and drinks and all sorts of stupid shit. But Kojima and del Toro are buds and I don't think you would have to pay him to promote a mecha movie. But it is a awful lot of hyperbole.

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Why would we not kill kids. We did in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Much different time but if anyone could get away with the player getting attacked by child soldiers, it just might be Kojima. That bomb scene was enough to convince me that child cruelty would not be just talk like the recent games.

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Well yes unfortunately people are excited it seems. These consoles are nothing to get excited about. All of this tech is only going to lead to increased budgets and stupidly overdone set piece games that stopped being fun to "SEE" in 2009. Also its not like Sony or Microsoft are even pretending to care about the consumers anymore, half the presentations for these consoles were not about how great the games can be and more about how many restrictions they put on the consumers. And the games they did show focused more on the specs. But i guess people are still going to buy because its been so long since a new generation of hardware has been released, not caring at all about maybe making a statement with their wallets.

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Get a life. Seriously now this is not the end of the world.

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Jeez this just happened too. That's too bad.

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Kojima wanted to stop making Metal Gear after 2. He never really seemed that crazy to me as everyone says he is. Because he has fun doing marketing? He let Hayter go now that Big Boss is going to be getting older (and really by Peace Walker he sounded like someone doing a parody of snake) and it would only make sense that his voice would change. As for the Japanese voice, who knows why he stays maybe he is better at changing his voice. When was Hayter used for Ground Zeroes? Kojima is actually excited about this game and that is a good sign. The reason he pisses off his fans is because he cares about the themes of his games more than demand from the industry and fans who want more of Snake, instead he gave us one of the most important experiences in video games in the past 15 years. After fans didn't get the point of MGS2 Kojima gave us what we wanted with 3, a big manly Big Boss and his love interest breasts woman. Over the top villains and scenarios and little required codec sequences. With 4 he finally answered all the questions albeit in a unsatisfying way, with Old Snake representing how he felt about the series as a whole now. But with MGS5 he has gone all out and seems genuinely excited to deliver so if anything my respect has grown from what he did in MGS4.