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Far Cry 2 was the best Far Cry.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way... yay for vaguely racist cover art, I guess? Not that the series ever handled that topic gracefully, but... oh well.

Probably going to be a neat game, so... woo!

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What!? I don't even... this is so sudden and sad. Rest in peace Ryan, you brought me and many others many hours of joy. My deepest condolences to all who had the pleasure to know him.

Fuck, I cannot believe this...

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@Quipido: @Quipido said:

@SlasherMan said:

Yes, it doesn't really consume much power, so the effect on the electricity bill is minimal.

Every single bit counts, dude. Just multiply the number of people in the world who do this shit, as well as leaving the lights on and such and I think that number of pointlessly used electricity is huge. And you could also then go and count how much coal/uran etc is used DAILY, just becaus you don't care about "that little ammount" you are using up.

Just saying.


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Since I skipped Forza 3, I am going to be all over Forza 4.

My body is ready.

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There is also a slight factual error in the text. Kirby's Dream Land was not on the NES but on the original Game Boy, which in turn means the series debuted on the GB.

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So now we can get a new Freespace, right?