Where do you typically find more replay value in, SP or MP games?

Simple question.

Not everyone goes around dropping $60.00+ on video games (I damn sure don't). However, given the games that you do play/prefer where do you personally find more replay value in, single player oriented games or multiplayer oriented games? Perhaps you prefer multiplayer games but believe single player games have more replay value or vice versa. Examples welcomed.


Looking at Next Gen Consoles from a creative viewpoint.

With the next generation consoles nearing closer, I thought it'd be fun to get opinions on what creative themes, aesthetically or conceptually, you'd like to see emerge next gen? This past gen has seen a strong focus towards more war oriented themes and designs fueled by titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Metal Gear Solid . In addition, Sci-Fi and post apocalyptic themes have been a big part of this gen fueled by titles such as Mass Effect, Halo, Fallout, Resident Evil and Star Wars to name some.

Are there any creative art styles/themes that jumped out to you this gen that you'd like to see expanded on next generation? Just to clarify I'm" not speaking directly of graphics technically but more so the art style, mood, environment and story content with respect to the overall package of the game.