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For the most part they would add them in the manuals back in the day, others with a short profile under the characters. The original Soul Blade & Calibur was among the first fighting games to actively incorporate a story into the game; as such they were largely regarded as single player friendly fighters before the trend set off.

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Not saying this isn't true as it may well be however I have a lot of liberties with a lot of stuff on this list, if his direction was a bit more condensed and focused I'd give him the benefit of a doubt.

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I guess C, my primary measure for a game is whether or not I personally find it fun, therefore engaging.

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I would love to see Manhunt make a comeback if it is more inspired by the original as I didn't find 2 all that great.

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Yakuza 4 was one of my favorite games this gen and I can totally understand seeing the game as an extension of Yakuza 3. Yakuza is big on Japaneseness with a more realistic depiction of the culture while not crossing the line of "too real to be fun." Some of the mini games were a bit tough for me actually and took some practice; took me forever to beat Amon. I've always found the hostess game as fun at first, but gets really tedious. Regardless of my qualms still love the game and it's story (not topping Yakuza 2 of course).

Great Blog.

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Don't know if you've considered but since I'm" assuming Comcast is one of your only real options, you could get one of their basic cable packages as that's a lot cheaper and you keep the primary and popular channels for the most part.

EDIT: AT&T is not for everyone (they're who I use though) however they have a good amount of U-Verse bundles that you could take a look at and see if anything jumps out at you. You can also build your own package.

Don't do Time Warner they suck and I haven't had much experience with Verizon's offerings and you could always opt for a dish as far as TV.

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For my money I really enjoyed Binary Domain, but as other have said if you don't want to run the risk of being spoiled go ahead and cop The Line.

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Whatever, this game is through and through vaporware. They'd actually be doing a service by canceling the project and allocating those resources elsewhere because at this point no matter how good the game is, it won't meet their audience(s) expectations of it. Making a Final Fantasy RPG without native character archetypes would be lame. I don't play Eastern Asian games for Western influences and vice versa.

Regardless if it does come out, I'm" sure it'll be solid. I enjoyed FFXIII-2 and FFXIV (post launch) so that lets me know their teams can still craft good gameplay experiences.

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That's a really humble move on their part, good selection of games especially if you've never owned them and wanted to jump in.

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At the expense of a copout I don't have a particular preference, only one I would say I don't particularly enjoy is first person RPG since I'm" not a fan of person games in general other than racers.