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@zevvion: Yeah, you're right they are a bunch of pussies.

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I'm getting a bit more pissed off... now it's 189 Dutch that died.

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@zevvion: If the Dutch government would accuse the Russian separatists of shooting the plane down they wouldn't even get access to the crash site, its a fucked up situation but true.

When the bodies are recovered and the investigation is done, they could start putting sanctions on Russia and possibly give military aid to Ukraine.

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173 Dutch people now confirmed to be on that plane, such a horrible disaster.

EDIT : 189

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Shenmue is the future of gaming!!!

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I always go back to Donkey Kong County 2 when i want to feel that nostalgia. Good times playing that game co-op with my sister or alone on a cold rainy day.

Mmm good ol' SNES.

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Watch_Dogs is a great game, looks great on PS4 and plays great,Just try it. It ain't that bad.

But i'm also a guy that played the shit out of Midtown Madness,just driving around.

Guess what.... Watch_Dogs has a cockpit view :

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PSN ID: Eriko1989

TimeZone EST

I only got Watch Dogs, gonna get BF4.

Got PS4 and PS3

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Alien: Isolation and The Witness... that's pretty much it.